Good morning. It’s a new day, a fresh start, fresh energy and new opportunities await you. In this article, we go on to discover the daily routines of some members of the 2k22 class. Randomly selected members of the class were briefly interviewed about their morning routines along with their night routines. Take a seat and be prepared to cool off as you read on.

Charles: I start my day by 5am everyday with a cup of coffee; on some days, I then work out. By 5:30am, I take my shower and leave the shower by 5:50am. I’m usually done dressing by 6:15am, then I’m all set, and so I use the rest of the time to do one of three things: read a book (non-academic), watch a documentary, or read school work. Usually I do the first two, then leave for school by 6:50am. I get to school by 7:07 or 7:10, depending on how soon I get a cab, then revise school work till it’s time for class.My nighttime reading starts at 9pm and lasts till 11:30pm, then I pack my bag for the next day, select my clothes, do some light reading (non-academic) or Youtubing, then sleep by 12am or 12:30am.

Medic Wealth: Usually, I start my day after waking up for the second time. Many times, especially when I go to bed early, I wake up for the first time, pray, do some studying and go back to sleep some more for an hour or two. Then I hurry to not be late for school.At night, I study till I feel it’s time for bed. In the process of making my bed, I stop feeling sleepy then I scroll through my phone till I drift into sleep.

Folusho: I’m the lazy type so I try as much as possible to wake up very early in the morning so I can get prepared for class, knowing fully well that if I miss class, I will probably not go back to study what was done that same day. Even in the process of missing classes, I might not be doing anything worthy of the time. So I like to attend classes, practicals, and then, depending on the day and time, I try to stay around the school. After everything, I come back to my house and mostly take a nap, like a 2-hour nap.

Ah, sorry, I forgot to say that I like eating in the morning. Some of us medical students miss breakfast like it’s nothing. I cannot go to class without taking breakfast because I would not be able to concentrate; I can’t be with an empty stomach. After my nap, I get some work done, like my UIMSA duties. I also do some editing because I’m a photographer, and then I read and go to bed and the cycle begins again.

Strange: My days are highly varied but for the majority of the time, there are some things that are always there. I wake up before 6am most times and when I wake up, I try to read a book because I have a daily quota for books. I actually did not know that there was something like this that Benjamin Franklin did in the past, reading for about an hour to update himself and learn new knowledge. I do not joke with it; I make sure I spend at least one hour reading self-help books or books generally for knowledge. After that, I listen to my Bible as I walk to school most of the time. I spend the rest of the day reading medicine and reading myself. I tend to read my mental profile as well in the evening. Then towards the night, I get ready for sleep and at the point when I am prepared to sleep, I might start watching YouTube videos. Sometimes, I just watch Justice League, animations and go through comics as well.

Melody: I start my normal day reading around 5am-6am, then I have devotion till like 6:40am or 6:50am and then prepare for class.I end the day reading till 12am (on a regular day).


Quiet time: 4:30-5:00am.

Use the toilet (very important): 5:00am – when I feel unburdened.

Workout: 5:35 – 6:00am.

Prepare for school and walk to school most times: 6:30-7:00am

Attend all lectures and practicals: 8:00am – 4:00pm

Get back to the hostel: 4:00pm – 5:00pm.

Wash the clothes worn (a must) and freshen up: 5:00-5:35pm

Eat lunch (plus dinner): 5:40 – 6:00pm or more.

Rest for a while; disturb my friends and roommates: 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Read as the spirit leads; prepare for the day ahead: 8:30pm – 1:30am

Sleep: 1:30am.

Theophilus: I wake up usually around 6:30am; sometimes I do not stand up till seven. Then I boil water to have my bath. While having my bath, my food is being cooked. After taking a bath, I eat, dress up, then come for class. After class, I go back to my hostel to read, probably rest or fix what I would eat. Once it is 6pm, I would try to go to the gym for an hour, come back to eat and then read till 10pm or as long as I can read. I also wake up by 2am to read till 4am or 5am. I sleep back and wake up by 6:30am to repeat the cycle.

Long day of tiring lectures, practicals, reading, and thinking about what to eat like college students. Knowing fully well that how you end your day also affects the next, you must reflect on the day and plan for the next day, while having a mental picture of how it will turn out.