In the second ordinary congress meeting which was held on October 9th, 2021, the Congress Chief whip, Miss Oforibika of the 600L constituency, presented the report of the disciplinary committee to the University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Association Congress. This report was rejected by the congress. In a sudden turn of events, the Chief Whip was referred to the disciplinary committee.The adhoc disciplinary committee which was chaired by Hon. Oniyide of the 600L constituency consisted of Hon. Raheem, Hon. Okoro, Hon. Anele and Hon. Adesola. The report of the Adhoc disciplinary committee was taken in the second emergency congress meeting held on the 11th of December, 2021. The adhoc committee made a recommendation that the chief whip be removed from her position. Hon. Chukwudike of the 300L constiyuency was made the acting chief whip.

On the 9th of January, 2022, following the recommendation of the adhoc disciplinary committee, a voting process was conducted for the removal of the chief whip, Miss Oforibika. This process was done on the zoom platform. It was conducted by a secret ballot system. The electoral process was conducted by the secretary of the electoral commission, Miss Onietan Ibukun. At first, only 48 persons voted at the end of the voting process. The results were read out by Miss Onietan. 29 honourables voted that the Chief whip be removed from the position and 19 honourables voted against her removal. Although, the results did not meet the 2/3rd majority required for her removal, the elections had to be conducted again because some other members of the Congress joined the meeting. A few members of the congress kicked against the conduction of another elections but another election was conducted anyway. 54 honourables participated in second round of elections. 34 honourables voted for the removal of the Congress chief whip and 20 honourables voted against her removal. The result was still not up to the 2/3rd majority required to remove the chief whip. Hon. Oforbrika retained her position as the congress chief whip. The long hands of the law was not spared from the Chief whip of the congress,as she was almost “whipped” by her own whip.

by Napoleon Tejiri

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