Names of the UIMSAite couple whose love life was featured in this episode have been changed for anonymity.

Dear Diary,

You wouldn’t even believe the day I’ve had today. It wasn’t enough that we already spent four and a half hours on ward rounds, this SR just had to show up and further dampen our spirits. He finally let us leave after calling us insufferable twats and dullards. As if it was our fault that we were stony dull to percussion on the second day of posting.

Anyways, there was only one thing I was looking forward to after my horrible morning  – Bolaji’s beans. He had promised that we would eat beans and plantain after school and continue our Brooklyn 99 binge. Well, guess who I found asleep on my bed with an empty plate on the table beside him? The Netflix window on the computer was even still up asking “are you still watching?”. In his defense, a consultant had turned their 20-minute tutorial into a 3-hour lecture about how common things occur commonly. But, even though, regardless, upon still, what happened to “we’re in this together babe”?

I remember when we just started dating. Honestly, I hadn’t expected that I would date my coursemate, let alone my classmate. We met at CBN. That noticeboard under the tree. I was not attracted to him but he was definitely attracted to my flute – and me of course. I had been carrying my flute case since orientation looking for a place with good acoustic to play in. It turns out the weird boy in the Attack on Titan shirt who stared at my flute like he wanted to make out with it also played the flute. An awkward conversation and ten thousand flute practice sessions later, the weird anime boy is somehow sleeping soundly on my bed after eating OUR food and watching OUR show all by himself. If he can’t receive the not-so-subtle subliminal death threats I’m sending to him in dreamland, he should at least feel the holes my eyes are drilling in the back of his big head.

They warned me about dating your classmate. I should have listened then. Maybe then, I’d have my lunch and my bed to myself. Granted, they were talking about far more serious things than the loss of a plate of beans and plantain and a missed episode of a TV show. Things like how dating another medical student would be limiting, how we wouldn’t have anything to talk about other than medicine and how we’d get tired of seeing each other everyday. But, I actually like seeing Bolajieveryday because why date someone if you don’t like being around them? Also, we actually enjoy talking about medicine. It’s always awesome to discuss interesting cases, rant about the dreary ward rounds, study for tests together and imagine a life where we save lives  – together. I love that I can come back from a long day at school and meet my person who understands everything that I want to rant or rave about. And it’s not like medicine is all we talk about. We have so much in common. I can talk to him about anything from tandoori chicken to basketball on mars. He is my best friend and favorite person.

Bolaj ijust said something in his sleep about frying plantain for Mirabel. Darn right, he should be preparing to cook for me. I know I’m smiling now but that doesn’t mean I won’t still spark for sleeping beauty when he finally arises from his nap. He is on call tonight. So,  maybe I should wake him or maybe I can leave him at the mercy of the alarm I know he forgot to set. Tit for tat. Eat my beans, I extend your posting. 

Yours hangrily,

A UIMSAite in love.