Our Structure

UIMSA consists of five (5) organs of action

  1. Executive Council: This consists of 10 executive members who were elected from across all class constituencies. It protects the interest and ensures the welfare of members of The Association at all times and is responsible to The Senate, The Congress and to all members of The Association.
  2. Senate: This is the legislative arm of the Association performing oversight functions on the Executive Council.
  3. Congress: This is the supreme and largest policy making body of the Association. This compose of at least 10 elected Congress members each from all the class constituencies.
  4. UIMSA Press: It consists of 3 press organizations;
    1. UIMSA Prelim Press
    2. UIMSA Pre-Clinical Press
    3. UIMSA Clinical Press

    They serve as a source of information, education and entertainment to all members of the Association.

  5. Standing Committees: There are currently 7 committees;
    1. Publications committee
    2. Finance committee
    3. Welfare committee
    4. Academics committee
    5. Sports committee
    6. Projects committee
    7. Electoral Committee

Contact Details

Students’ Secretariat,

Ground floor, E.O. Oluwole Akande Building,

University College Hospital,


Oyo State, Nigeria.

Tel:  +234 813 537 4183 | +234 817 946 0620

Email: ibadanmedicine@gmail.com

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