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President – Muhammad-Bashir Yahya

Senate Chairman – Roseben C.N. Anyanwu

Congress Chancellor – Jerry-Ogeme Oghenelukome


  Campus Director for Hult Prize, University of Ibadan, Ojo Oladimeji recently announced that the school has been selected to host a local edition of the Hult Prize, the world’s largest student competition for the creation of new social businesses. The annual Hult Prize awards one million dollars (USD1Million) in start-up funding to the team of students that develops the most radical and breakthrough idea to solve one of our world’s toughest social challenges. In early 2015, the American University…

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Electives anywhere will no doubt require considerable planning to execute, more so electives abroad. I like to see electives as “choice postings” . I say so because they are practically the only postings where you get the rare privilege of choosing much of what will go down. Perhaps due to the humble look of an elective period, as it sits unassumingly on the school calendar, a lot have missed unique opportunities it can provide. In this article, I will be…

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The much anticipated Nigerian Medical Students’ Association (NIMSA) games tagged “SCONGAILORIN ’18” has officially come to an end. The event which held between August 26th to September 1st at the University of Ilorin, had lots of mixed feelings on the part of the UIMSA team. Sad to note was the fact that there was no female in the team flying the “UIMSA flag” . With a total of about 14 participating universities, the event was fun-filled with lots of positive experiences…

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UIMSA 2018: Who the crown fits.

UIMSA Decides ’18: “And then their voices were heard”.

Indeed, the hour has finally arrived, bringing with it a voluntary but necessary death to the palpitations in the hearts of UIMSAites, aspirants and supporters alike as the UIMSA election results were released in the late hours of 30th August, 2018. One would say it was an intriguing experience to watch the UIMSA election process switch to a more modern and sophisticated system i.e. electronic voting from the manual vote casting method. The voting process started on 9:00am and spanned…

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What once seemed be an insurmountable task only attainable by those endowed with a supernatural gift of intellect is now apparently feasible. While many viewed the lofty dream of getting a distinction in the prestigious Ibadan medical school as over-reaching and as such abandoned their  ambitions for other feasible goals, such a feat has now been accomplished by mere mortals. But then, there is nothing ordinary about these individuals with this extraordinary stroke of genius. On Saturday, 25th of August…

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Barely two weeks after the successful conclusion of the UIMSA health week activities, the fanfare and glitz of the festive period has quickly paved way for an anticipatory and tensed atmosphere, as political aspirants in a race against time canvass for votes that would help secure their positions in the UIMSA’s leadership. However, one thing that hasn’t changed, is the familiar pattern of predictability amongst aspirants we have become accustomed to. A pal once retorted,  “ You could predict the political…

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