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Justice Ariwoola Replaces Justice Tanko as Chief Justice of Nigeria

Justice Olukayode Ariwoola has been sworn in by President Muhammadu Buhari as the acting Chief Justice of Nigeria following the sudden resignation of Justice Ibrahim Muhammad Tanko . The Justice, who was the most senior judge of the Supreme Court after Justice Tanko, took the oath of office on the 27th of June, at the Executive Council Chambers of the Presidential Villa in the presence of other Justices of the Supreme Court. The President commended Justice Tanko for his contributions…

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Heartbreak for Clinical Sciences and ABH as Arts and Tedder win Jaw War 2021

After weeks of stiff completion from the best orators found within the boundaries of the Premier University, the representatives of Alexander Brown Hall and the Faculty of Clinical Sciences were matched against representatives from Lord Tedder Hall and Faculty of Arts respectively to set up the Jaw War 2021 final. Despite the losses suffered by both teams, the feat of reaching the finals in itself is a win and makes this year’s edition a memorable one for the students of the…

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Hello, ma’am. It’s a pleasure having you this evening. Same here. I’ll start by congratulating you once again on being the winner of the Provost’s award [smiles]. We’d like you to introduce yourself to us; let’s get to know you better. I am Oluwaseun Juliet Bello, a recently inducted medical doctor from the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan. I am 24 and an indigene of Oyo state. Great. How would you describe your experience in medical school? Were there…

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She picked up her phone—a well-deserved break after a long day. Her colleagues were leaving already, but she would be here for some hours more, as always. Scrolling through her Facebook feed, her eyes caught a video reposted by one of her friends, and she started to watch.  “I was 21 when I stopped bedwetting…”  She shut her eyes and paused the video. No. It could not be. Normal human beings do not wet the bed into adulthood. Normal human…

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Bayern: emphatic as usual – a 5-1 win at Leverkusen, and Bayern are showing no signs of taking their feet off the pedal anytime soon. Manchester City: routine 2-0 home victory over Burnley keeps the chase alive! The Citizens remain 2 points behind leaders, Chelsea, and are enjoying a consistent string of good results so far, after a rather below-par start to the season. Kelvin De Bruyne sealed the victory after Bernardo Silva’s early opening strike, keeping things rosy for…

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For lovers of literature and written words, George Orwell’s Animal Farm is more than just another fiction. It is a political satire – a graphical juxtaposition of the drama and brouhaha that often come alongside the politicking and democratic governance of any nation or group of people. It is from this classic of Orwell I would love to lend a picture – one that might, perhaps, bear some semblance to the governance of the MBBS Class 2k22, University of Ibadan. Old Major…

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Fear is an unpleasant feeling of apprehension or anxiety caused by the presence or anticipation of danger. It is an emotion triggered by the threat of some form of harm. It is sometimes manifested in bravado or symptoms of anxiety and prompting a decision to fight the threat or escape from it.  Imagine you are to give a public speech without preparation, or you have a biochemistry test that you haven’t prepared for at all the next day, you would…

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The year is 2050. You open your eye to a new day. Before you are fully awake, your virtual assistant is ready to greet you “good morning Sols, you had 1hr 48min of deep sleep last night. That’s very good. It will make you more energetic today. Are you ready for a full-body scanning?” You stand up in your room for the body scan. Your scanner scans you and compares today’s data with not only your health history but also…

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Phobia is an exaggerated, usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, a class of objects, or situations. According to Merriam Webster English Dictionary, a phobia is a psychological term for irrational or obsessive fear. There are unusual phobias in our world today; these include:  Xerophobia -the fear of dryness Claustrophobia -the fear of confined spaces, Ideophobia -the fear of ideas,  Aichmophobia -the fear of sharp objects, Haphephobia -fear of being touched,  Anthropophobia -fear of social circles, and so on.  Trypanophobia, which is the phobia to…

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Who are you? Right here, right now, if I ask you this question, what will you say? I am not going to give you time to think about it, but I do expect an articulate answer, one that will cover the different aspects that make you, you. Can you answer this? I realized some time ago that I wouldn’t have been able to answer this question expressively on the spot, not like I would a book I just read or…

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