Names of the UIMSAite couple whose love life was featured in this episode have been changed for anonymity. Dear Diary, You wouldn’t even believe the day I’ve had today. It wasn’t enough that we already spent four and a half hours on ward rounds, this SR just had to show up and further dampen our spirits. He finally let us leave after calling us insufferable twats and dullards. As if it was our fault that we were stony dull to…

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In keeping with her habit of dishing out premium content, UIMSA has done it again by partnering with Lecturio -an online learning platform -to bring to her students an informative webinar on the science of learning and how it can drastically improve study outcomes. The program was held virtually on the morning of November 19 by 11 am and featured Miss Gladys Zugwai Ibrahim, a Lecturio medical education consultant and 500-level medical student, who anchored the hour-and-a-half-long program. If for…

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On Wednesday, 9th of November, the Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association, better known as ICOMAA, held their first-ever students’ day tagged Made in Ibadan. as a part of their annual reunion week activities. The event kicked off around five pm in a beautifully decorated Paul Hendrickse lecture theatre, University College Hospital, on the third day of the ICOMAA week, which had till then featured a series of stimulating talks on pertinent health issues across disciplines. The evening began with…

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The ‘Dump’ Sermon: We Should All Know Less About Each Other

“…that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and honesty.” (1 Timothy 2: 2) This is not a biblical sermon, or maybe it is. Still, the best way to start this discourse is with God. I am here to remind you of our ultimate goal in life, Heaven. However, with end-of-the-month dumps, is heaven still the ultimate goal? Monthly dumps started with just four innocuous pictures. These pictures posted are usually used to portray the highlights of…

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The Monarchy – Heavy lies the head that wears the crown

The queen died recently, news of her death and the postmortem events held in her honor generated a lot of reactions from numerous persons and organizations all over the world. Many of the reactions contained condolences to the British people and offered favorable reviews of the reign of the queen, but some of the reactions expressed joy at the queen’s death and there were various criticisms of the conduct of Britain during the reign of the deceased British monarch. These…

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When the Wind Blew Me

When the wind blew meIt was a sojourn.It began on a travel with freightMy feet were almost bare on sun – baked clayMy sandals tired, the soles were but thin graftsMy water can hung like a noose,But I was home.Home amidst the black – faced Impalas,The striped horses, those whose headsBear eyes on the sides, with stumps for horns.The Jackal’s desert home. All was silent but for a short while.Then, there was a rush from the eastA wild gust had…

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Picture of Messi As a writer who is enthusiastic about happenings in sports and entertainment, I would not have imagined writing on both topics so soon, let alone trying to reconcile both worlds, but for this recent occurrence that I’m about to talk about. Aside from writing, as a lover of sports and entertainment, I find related arguments interesting regardless of my stance on whatever is being argued. It was actually on this fateful day, the 25th of September when…

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Todd Boehly: Chelsea’s new “kid in sweet shop.” 

Following Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine at the start of the year, Russia has been struck with several sanctions across the financial and sporting scenes. Russia’s wealthiest, remarkably the post-soviet oligarchs, have not been spared in Europe and beyond. Despite Roman Abramovich’s increasing popularity in England, the UK government sanctioned the Chelsea owner in March. Besides being generally considered a Russian oligarch that profited from the former Soviet republic, Roman has been reported to have a close relationship with…

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The ABUAD Experience

Last Month, you decided to attend the NiMSA South-West Regional Convention. You were all psyched up for the convention until you were added to the group chat. The organising committee began to make weird threatening statements, like “If you don’t bring your bucket, you’re on your own!” You begin to lose faith in the convention, wondering whether you have wasted your 8k. Departure day arrives, your bags are packed and you are at the front of the ABH gate by…

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It’s that time again, the season of COMUI’s favourite organ. World Heart Day is around the corner and with it comes the red and white, the heart shapes and the feels.If you’re like me, you must have wondered at least once: why so much fuss about the heart? After all, the brain is just as important, and what’s life with busted kidneys? So I thought about it and realized that the fuss with the heart has more to do with…

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