I spotted him in the distance among the crowd. Elegant, bold and jovial. His frame hung in the right proportion. His gait was commanding and his confidence was as neat as his clothes. My Gosh! I could tell he was every lady’s heart desire. “ This Babe don foh!” my friends concluded as they saw my eyes tracking his movement like a magnetic radar. “Wait…” I tried to feign a solid stony countenance, “what?” They all stared at me, expectantly.…

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“I’ll tell you what.” Jide plastered a stern countenance in front of his head. “get lost!” The crowd murmured. “You said?” Sar Kingo asked. “I don’t talk twice,” Jide said. Jide knew he wasn’t speaking of his own accord. It was Cecilia’s presence that gave him the gut to do so. He watched her stare secretively at him. Gush! Her smile was an elephant killer or, more accurately, a mind turner. And that was enough reason to pull a show.…

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