Stress Management

I don’t know about you but I can already the heat this semester. We have exams coming up (CAs as they call it, but we know they’re not), slides piling up, rushing on a whole new level, PSM on one side and GES 102 just doing its own. Asides from these, you have to keep up with your daily life activities and everything can seem overwhelming. It is a never-ending cycle of due assignments and stuffing tons of information into…

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Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI)

Inside the gloomy world of people who cannot sleep Not long ago, I came across a short story. Many of us will be familiar with the plot. A wealthy man, two wives, the usual rivalry, a promising first son, then the death of the first wife after several mysterious symptoms. After a few years, the first son developed the same symptoms. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong and he died a couple of years later. Accusations flew; the second…

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Neurotic Depression

Most likely, you have come across the term DEPRESSION. Amongst medical students, it is a term so commonly discussed with a view to helping victims get out of it before the inevitable act. But oftentimes, research studies have shown many people feel/think they cannot be depressed nor do they exhibit any symptoms of depression while in actual reality, they are constantly suffering from only a mild form of depression that often not doesn’t present any noticeable clinical symptoms or strange…

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Unveiling the cover of the 8th Edition of Ibadan MedScion Magazine

The wait is over… …Official launch of the 8th issue of the IBADAN MEDSCION Magazine COVER PAGE THEME:NIRVANA Meaning – paradise _extraordinary beauty, great peace and unending happiness… Features… 1⃣ Health Insurance Strengthening NHIS to achieve quality healthcare for all Nigerians. 2⃣ A peek into the future from the past Exclusive interviews with the Emeritus Professor Adeola Adeloye and Dr Andrew Alalade.   3⃣ How minimally invasive can Surgery become? Does a surgeon really have to cut someone open?  …

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I Got It from My Mama In a small study that scanned the brains of teenagers while exposing them to tempting “food cues,” researchers report that reduced activity in the brain’s self-regulation system may be an important early predictor of adult obesity. The researchers used functional MRI (fMRI) scans on 36 New York teenagers to measure neural responses to food cues and found that food stimuli in the form of words activated regions of the brain associated with reward and…

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