Playing Catch Up

       In all honesty, we were warned. From casual remarks by senior students to full-blown orientation sessions. The speed, the volume, and the demands that would be placed on our time were facts all mentioned to us. However, when it finally arrived, most of us were caught unawares. It was not due to a lack of preparation for some of us, (the rest of us know ourselves), but the sheer volume covered in a relatively smaller period.        Resultantly, many…

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She was slowly fading away Deeper and deeper she fell It was like she was a living mannequin With no clothes on to attract Friends drifted away Maybe she was too weird, she thought With a closet filled with boring sweatpants and hoodies And no glittery shoes or stilettos. Reminiscing on the good old days Where she was all that mattered She was made of brains The star in everybody’s eyes Everybody made her feel special Until brains didn’t matter…

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