⭐The adjusted year plan of UIMSA was adopted. According to the adjusted year plan, this tenure will now end in march, 2022.

⭐The report of the audit committee was given by Senator Muotoh of the 500L constituency. The various issues encountered by the committee (transactions, receipts e.t.c) were read out to all present. Several points and questions were raised. The points and questions that were raised were all tackled. It was emphasized by the Senate Chairman, Senator Eriobuna, that any transaction not signed should not be approved.

⭐The financial report was given by Senator Babalola Adeddoyin of the 400L constituency. It was a rather long session with the treasurer, Senator Babalola. Several points, questions and reservations were expressed constructively by the senators. Senator Raheem of the 500L constituency, expressed his displeasure at the financial report that was given by the UIMSA treasurer. Therefore, he moved a motion that the report be withdrawn,and that the treasurer, Senator Babalola Adedoyin, be referred to the senate committee on discipline. When Senator Raheem was asked why he had proposed that the UIMSA treasurer be referred to the Senate committee on discipline, he stated that during her report, she kept using the phrase “I was told….”The motion proposed by Senator Raheem was powerfully seconded by Senator Babalola David of the 500L constituency. Senator Babalola Adedoyin did not have to be referred to the senate committee on discipline, as another motion was moved and adopted.

⭐A proposal was made by the constitution review committee.The proposal was presented by Senator Oniyide,of the 600L constituency.A motion was moved by Senator Olorunfemi of the 600L constituency to reject the proposal from the constitution review committee. Another motion was moved by Senator Babalola David of the 500L constituency to adopt a proposal for a unicameral legislative body and that the details of that legislative body be decided on a later date.The second motion was adopted by a simple majority vote.13 senators voted for the second motion and 11 senators voted against it.

⭐According to the Senate committee on discipline, Senator Shoneye of the 200L constituency had violated article XIII 2a of the UIMSA constitution.The Senate committee on discipline recommended that as stated by the UIMSA constitution, Senator Shoneye Damilare should lose his seat as a senator. Senator Shoneye’s plea was based on the fact that he had experienced erratic power supply in the last few months. He also stated that he does not usually check his emails, and as a result of that,he does not know if he was invited to the previous senate meetings which he had missed without prior notice to the Senate. He also stated that he only got to know about one of the meetings when he wanted to check his email for his NNPC Scholarship. According to Mr Obeya, an observer; the excuse that was given by Senator Shoneye had outrightly disregarded the constitution, custom and even common sense. Senator Babalola David moved a motion that the house accepts the report and recommendations of the Senate committee on discipline, as proposed by Senator Raheem.The report was adopted.From that moment, Senator Shoneye ceased to be a Senator. In addition, he is no longer allowed to hold any position in UIMSA. Senator Babalola Dolapo of the 200L cinstituency automatically became the new class representative and majority leader of the 200L constituency. A member of the UIMSA Clinical press was able to get a few words from Mr Shoneye after the Senate meeting. Mr Shoneye had this to say

“In a normal circumstance, I could have attended meetings. But due to power failure,i could not make it to meetings. I was deemed absent in one of the meetings because I came late. I will try to make an appeal to the congress to see if my excuse will be tenable”

⭐Senator Amaji moved a motion for the adjournment of the meeting to another date. It was seconded by Senator Okojie.

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By Tejiri Napoleon