Quarter finals, Inter-Faculty Football Game for Females

Faculty of Clinical Sciences 0 – 1 Faculty of Arts

The game started at 2.35pm, both teams seem equally matched. Several attempts were made by the UIMSA team at the net of the other team but it didn’t work out. A free kick at 2.48pm by the UIMSA female team. A ball to hand free kick was awarded to the Faculty of arts at 2.48pm.The free kick was scored by Faculty of Arts. Another freekick was awarded to the faculty of arts at 2.50pm. A free kick by Esosa of Faculty of Clinical Sciences.The first half ended at 2.55pm with the faculty of arts leading the game.

The 2nd half commenced at 3pm with a high tempo. The players representing the Faculty of Arts were playing with intent and were not relenting on their one goal lead. They continued to stack several attempts on goal but all to no avail.

10 minutes later, the story changed but not scoreline. The balance of play swung in favor of the Faculty of clinical sciences as they piled on the pressure towards the business end of the game. The Faculty of Arts went on to secure their one goal lead with a substitution at 3.11pm.

The referee’s whistle sealed the Faculty of Clinical Sciences’ exit from the competition, with their conquerors; The Faculty of Arts, advancing to the semis.