I was fortunate to be present at the Fifteen Outstanding Personality Award organised by the Junior Chamber International, University of Ibadan Chapter. The fifteenth edition of this award took place at the famous Trenchard Hall on Saturday, 2nd October 2021. Just before I was chosen to be the representative of UIMSA Preclinical Press, my typical Saturday is usually a bland one characterised by intense rest, movie binge-watching and football. However, this one turned out different as I got to try on a new outfit that I have been keeping for such a purpose.

The red carpet event was supposed to commence at 11 am. However, I wasn’t able to grace that session due to logistics issues in securing tickets. It would have been a great time to exhibit my apparel as I was dressed to commit murder; unfortunately, I wasn’t chanced to slay. Anyway, we locomote… The actual award ceremony was slated to hold at 1 pm, but seriously, we all know how events go in UI. Show me an event that started at the designated time and I would show you a goat that walks on its two feet (not Cristiano Ronaldo please).

The event eventually commenced some minutes after 2 pm with the president of the student union Akeju Oluwasegun bagging the first award of the afternoon in the category labelled “most outstanding student in student leadership”. Oyedeji Temitope Victor received the award for the most outstanding in academic excellence. Mc Twinkle, the male host of the day did a great job in hosting the event as he pulled off different acts to make the day a most memorable one. The most notable act was when he hosted a giveaway by asking a cheap question “ How many 9s lies between 1-100”? The winner went home with 30,000 or more, and I remained on my chair regretting my decision not to Google the question as it was being asked.

The president of the Literary and debating society University of Ibadan and host of Jaw War won the award for the personality of the year, and unfortunately, he wasn’t around to receive the award as he was present at Jaw War- an event that was also organised that day at a separate venue. One of the main reasons for UIMSA Preclinical Press’ presence at the event was because a couple of colleagues from the department were nominated in some categories. Titus Adeolu Adekunle, a notable UIMSAITE was a runner-up in the most outstanding person in the journalism category while Theophilus Femi Alawonde of Indy Press bagged the award.

The day was also inspiring and jaw-dropping as citations from notable persons in society were read. Notable among them was the winner of the most outstanding person in Information Technology, a Mr Ibrahim Hammed, a former Zikite (no one should please shout Baluba as you read this) whose citation recital led to a standing ovation as he has virtually won every award possible in the tech sector both in Nigeria and overseas. I had an epiphany on the spot to strive to reach the peak of my position.

Other awards were doled out in quick succession as time was already far spent. Abdulhameed Babatunde and Semilore Atere, two other notable UIMSAITEs were runner-ups in the most outstanding person in selfless contribution to a worthy cause category; Mr Olubanke’s daughter -Toluwanimi Olubanke- won this category. Olaogun Temitope, the Administrator General of the great Independence Hall won the most outstanding person in Hall management for his impeccable work done in his Hall of Residence. The event eventually came to an end around 5:50 pm when the host of the occasion gave a vote of thanks, and the organising committee came out to dance.

Although the event turned out to be a great one, I had a couple of misgivings about the whole event. Nigerians have a knack for not keeping to time. If an event was slated to hold at a given time, efforts should be made to honour such time. I keep trying to imagine the discomfort on the face of the invited awardees and guests of honour as the event didn’t start as and when due. Also, I think that the awards shouldn’t be based on votes and instead should be given on merit. Some of the awardees have amassed a great number of followers over time, and when using a voting-based system for an award ceremony of this repute, there is a tendency to be biased. I propose that the winners of the next edition should be awarded based on merit. Here, a panel of judges would seek out the achievements of such person over a calendar year and points should be given based on milestones achieved. This, I think would be much more pleasing as this would kind of even the odds for individuals who don’t have a cult following and have done an awesome job in their field.

All in all, Saturday turned out to be a great day for me. African time occurrence; Check, Amazing DJ; Check, Awesome MC; Double check, Fooood; Double check. Big ups to the JCI, UI Chapter for organising this wonderful event. It was indeed a memorable one and I would love to attend subsequent sessions.


Most Outstanding Person in Student Leadership: Akeju Olusegun

Most Outstanding in Academic Excellence: Oyedeji, Temitope Victor

Most Outstanding in Sports: Oluwafemi Elizabeth Osunola

Most Outstanding UI Personality: Ayeni Joshua Otito-Jesu

Most Outstanding Person in Faculty Management: Adeola Olajide (Faculty of Agriculture) 

Most Outstanding Person in Journalism: Theophilus Femi Alawonde 

Most Outstanding Person in Entrepreneurship: Olutayo-Aro Oluwakimilokan 

Most Outstanding Person in Hall Management: Olaogun Temitope (Independence Hall)

Most Outstanding Person in Entertainment: Ihechi Opara 

Most Outstanding Person in Selfless Contribution to a Worthy Cause: Toluwanimi Olubanke

ALUMNI CATEGORY – Most Outstanding Person in Corporate Governance – Mr Oladiran Olusegun Adebutu

ALUMNI CATEGORY – Most Outstanding Person in Media Excellence – Mr Yemi Sonde

ALUMNI CATEGORY – Most Outstanding Person in Public Administration – Mr Bello Moruf Adetokunbo

ALUMNI CATEGORY – Most Outstanding Person in Information Technology – Mr Ibrahim Hammed

ALUMNI CATEGORY – Most Outstanding Person in Professional Excellence – Mr Rafiu Laguda

Abdulsobur Abdulazeez Olatunde