In a bid to foster healthy competition, rivalry and the bragging rights (as the slogan of the event reads), while having fun and learning at the same time, the Academic and the Quiz committee of the 2k19 class, organized her first inter group quiz competition.

First of its kind, well attended by members of the class, who were there to cheer the representatives ably chosen by them.The programme held at the Famewo Common Room, Alexander Brown Hall, on Saturday, 23rd July, 2022. Contrary to expectations, the event started without the usual African timing, at just a few minutes after 3pm.

While ably anchored by Miss Fola-oyetayo Olorunyomi of the same class, Mr. Efosa Iyawe of the 2k18 class was the capable and ‘stuffy’ quiz master, making the atmosphere all lively and electric.The contestants consisted strictly of members of the class, divided into four teams as designated by the usual grouping system of COMUI.

All were tested from five different areas including General knowledge, General science, Basic medical sciences, Clinical Science and Audio-visual category.

Eventually, Group C won the event with a total of 82 points, earning bragging rights over the other groups as they edged out their closest rivals, Group D who had 74 points, despite early dominance. Group A and B earned the Third and Fourth place respectively, after finishing with 70 and 48 points, respectively.

The event was not bereft of technical difficulties but that did not hinder the audience from being left out in the fun, as the quiz master tutored and drilled them appropriately.

Kudos to the academic committee for this innovative challenge as we look forward to more of this,with better incentives, continual participation and attendance by members of the class, and of course, improved performance of the class’s quiz team at external events.

Saliyu Abdulbaasit