I’m a great writer, which is great, but the thing is I’m an even better liar. And now, you must wonder why that matters. But, I’ll tell you it does matter because it means that my first statement may or may not be true or may just be the truth crafted to look like a lie.

Now, if it is a lie then surely, I’m either a writer but not a great one. Or, perhaps I’m all together great at something else that’s most definitely not writing. I haven’t decided yet.

At this point, I have you confounded or at the least a little puzzled. I will try to put together the fragments of reality that I seem to have left scattered across your mind and then you can decide for yourself what is true and what is not. But, I make no promises. After all, I never said I was great at putting things back together.

This thing is true: I’m not a writer. I’m a voyager. I wade through the inanities of life to discover worlds previously unknown and conquer territories never before charted. I’m also a collector. But, not of cars, or stamps or medals or really fancy Hello Kitty® pens. I collect the things that actually matter – experiences, memories.

Finally, I’m a magician. I make things appear out of seemingly nothing. But, nothing is ever really nothing. You can ask the places I’ve been and the things I’ve seen. But, don’t ask too much. A magician never reveals her secrets.

Again, I believe the first statement is true but I’m not sure about the rest. I am a great liar after all. But, this thing might be true: I take where I’ve been and what I’ve seen and make things out of seemingly nothing.
I’d say I’m great and some would say I’m a writer. A benevolent few will say I’m a great writer. But, I am what I am and I’m not what I’m not and what I am is a great liar.