The Executive Council

On the 21st of May, 2022 the University of Ibadan Medical Students Association Executive council presented her proposed year plan to the Senate. The presentation was taken by the President of the Association, Miss Nwagbara.

She mentioned that the Executive council has adopted the slogan “A new Dispensation!” The vision statement is to record colossal impact while defying the odds. It will be a 7months tenure filled with impactful programs for UIMSAITES.

Let’s try to discuss a few of the plans that were presented below;

Orientations: According to the plan, this tenure will have a number of orientations and class visits. We should all be looking forward to the orientation program for the Freshers, Preclinical and Clinical arms. The classes that would be writing MB exams this tenure will also get their fair share of orientations and mock exams. Information they say is key.

Welfare: MB Exam packages!!! Student welfare is paramount for medical students, especially during preparations for their yearly battles (MB exams). No doubt these packages are very important to winning in these battles. The UIMSA tenure package distribution is also planned for distribution in the last month of the tenure.

Excursion: We all say we want to travel and see the world or at least see outside the many walls of COMUI. Hopefully, there would be a chance, do well to grab your copies early as the slots may be limited. An opportunity to take a break and rekindle memories of your secondary school excursion right!.

UIMSA Digest: A breakdown of the ongoing UIMSA Executives’ activities will be done during the tenure. It will be done in two phases. This aims to let UIMSAites know what the executive council has been up to.

SPORTS: One major highlight is the UIMSA fantasy League, a novel idea being planned for. Be ready to register, set up a team and manage it. A community in UIMSA where anyone who feels he is a better coach than Josep Guardiola or not can lead his club to take the trophy and win prizes. UIMSAites are encouraged to look forward to this. Other planned sporting activities include Games day and other interclass games.

Health week: Every tenure comes with its health week, known to be the climax of the tenure. A lot of people were not sure if it will hold due to the short tenure however it has been scheduled for October, so start saving up for that dinner. The variety night, symposium, and community health awareness program are also all programs we look forward to.

Empowerment: UIMSA has always been known as an association that produces World-Class leaders who can deliver at any stage. Programs such as Career Outside Medicine webinars, Mentorship, and other Capacity building programs were among the plans listed.

Research: “I am very passionate about research and this I plan to do” is one of the known statements of the president during her Campaign. We would get to see what she means by this, as there are plans to have a virtual research Clinic, and a physical research training program that would also include the launching of grants.

UIMSA Secretariat: Have you ever been to the secretariat, if not you may get the chance to. There would be launching of the renovated UIMSA secretariat and also E-secretariat during this tenure.

These are some of the boxes to be opened as we go on in the tenure.

In her closing statement, she requests the support and active participation of the Senate and the entire association to set a new pace. After the presentation, the Senate deliberated on some of the plans and the contributions were noted by the executive council. The senate then approved the corrected version of the year plan of the Executive council of the University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Association for the 2021/2022 tenure.

Written by Metajuwa-kuda Emmanuel