I had been waiting for two hours
Ten other women were on the bench
After all, we are called ‘patients’, aren’t we?
The early morning meal I took was already used up
Nurses occasionally walked past us carrying case files
I prayed silently that I would be attended to on time today

I was finally called into the consulting room
My new case file was wide open on the table
It had been joined to the old one I had been using
His pen ran across the pages as I narrated my plight
Being diagnosed of breast cancer was heart breaking
Being told I would undergo mastectomy was unnerving

How would I look in the mirror?
How would I adjust my dressing?
Would my family be affected by this?
Would I be able to do the things I love?
Several thoughts ran through my fatigued mind

Before ending up in a doctor’s consultation
Before being diagnosed of a terminal disease
I was a fulfilled wife and proud mother of two boys
I enjoyed my job as a career counselor in a private school
I had lived in a quiet neighborhood and made friends there
But I guess all these will just end up in a student’s clerking note