A politician's tongue       
is for kneading                              
dough of lies                                     
into sugary cake
(& according to research, people are admirers of cakes...) 
His mouth wears thousand promises all at once.
He says he is a god,  long-awaited rain, your umbrella in the hot sun, your season of peace... etc                                           
A politician  
is a singing serpent                        
across the street                       
preaching of healing                      
"come to me, oh ye lepers 
& i'll make you whole"
His heart                                                 
Is an aboki knife                         
Sharper than Sango's red rage 
His face                                   
Cocooned with                    
Sweetness of smile                             
Do not trust it
A politician                                            
Is a charming tiger on makeup 
Laughing at you

Written by Kehinde Adedeji

a young Nigerian poet and spoken word artist.