1.Segun Eniayekan, was a young potential, gentle and well pleasing to all.He had all to describe the best of us.

He was a natural student and devoted to his faith, his God and his belief.

No one could have considered the possibility of loosing any one amongst us, less likely Segun.

He wanted to do so much.He had so much to offer.He did so much with the time he had.

With all this we will remember him and cherish the beautiful memories we had with him.

Today is the fourteenth day since you left us.But you know what they say,God only takes the best.

Everything happens for a reason,.Even if we may not agree.Just promise to look after us.And if you can,save a spot up there for us.

The thought of never seeing you again brings tears to my eyes.And even more so,because all of this was such a surprise.

But we should never question what God has planned,sometimes it’s not meant for us to understand.

So as we sit here and mourn the loss of a beloved friend,we have to keep telling ourselves that we will meet again.

We are here to celebrate your life.And the measure of its worth.And every single life you touched while you were on this earth.

We wish to pay our last respects that’s why we all are here,

To thank you for your friendship and all the memories we hold dear.It’s been a privilege to have known you.

We were family, not just friends,and we will carry you in spirit,until we meet up once again. ——

Metajuwa-Kuda Emmanuel

2.My dear friend Segun, knowing you was indeed a blessing. It all started then in secondary school when my principal referred me to you to explain a topic to me in Chemistry. As time went on, we became friends and you were so intentional about me, ensuring that I left school with very good grades. You introduced me to Kenneth E. Hagin books, spurred me to walk in the supernatural as at the time when all I knew about Christianity was to live like a religious person. I was so happy to know we were both admitted to study the same course in the same university. We became close friends and you were consistent in checking up on me, ensuring that I was growing spiritually. I was free to discuss anything with you because I trusted you that much. Your honesty, diligence, consistency, discipline and passion for God cannot be overemphasized. I remember telling you not long ago how I admire these qualities. It’s just sad that I miss you so much and all that you do for me. Thank you so much for spurring me unto good works. I’ll be more intentional about those things you emphasized on. Even though I’m writing this with tears , I’m glad we’ll see again on the resurrection morning. Keep resting in the bossom of the Father till we all meet again.

By Ipede Pelumi

3.Dearest Segun, Mr. Monitoring spirit, how did you do it? How did you fill up the lives of people around you with so much love and disappear so quickly?
It hurts terribly to come to terms that you are no longer but I know that your life is a testimony and a challenge to the ones you left.
Everything about you was different, who loves to invite and see others come to church like Segun, who is ever ready to pray with someone and consistently check up on them like you, who has a knack for punctuality like you, who says good luck to a classmate for a test that he is also writing and comes back to ask how was the test.
It hurts me that I didn’t say all these to you while you were here. Thank you for shining your light, for encouraging me to know God more, for the calls, for prayers , for the laughter, for the teasing, the WhatsApp stickers that I complained about and check ups. Thank you for letting me be part of your life.
Words are not enough, my greatest consolation is that you are in Heaven with the one who loves you most. I pray that God helps me and everyone you have left to finish well and meet you on the day that nothing can separate us again.
Enjoy your best time in Heaven, my dear friend.

By Offorbruike Chiamaka

4.Segzy,It’s so hard writing this right now,but I am quite sure you won’t want me faithless at this time or even anytime,I would be out of your legacy doubting the faithfulness of God,no matter what.
My sly friend,we had great plans for the body of Christ,great exploits handling the realities in Christ,you would say ‘GospelVic,I have not seen today’s insight’ , ‘what’s the spirit saying?’ that one man that can shout ‘GospelVic’ anywhere! you were that battalion in one man,you would always pray with me,roll that scary big eyes just to tease me, (sigh) seeing the impacts you have made,…Segun,your life is a testimony already,you finished strong and I am convinced you are with our Father, this is my consolation,so to the rest of us,we march on, strictly following the Father,and to those who are living recklessness out of the love of Christ,this is the time to have a personal reflection, repent, CHOOSE & FOLLOW HIM who is able to save from Sins & death–JESUS CHRIST because this physical death,it’s a general due.

Segzy,Look down as one of the cloud of witnesses,we are not weakling instead this our faith is being strengthened.

Rest on,that soldier that hung his sword.
Hug Jesus for me oooo…Till then,see you at ressurrection morning.

By Moradeyo Onyindamola

5.Eniayekan Segun,

Writing and deleting because I really don’t know how to start, Segun lived to impact lives and I am fortunate to be one. Segun had a smile that never left his face, I can’t frankly remember him downcast.

He gave his time freely, he taught me. He was fun to be around, full of “ere ipa” and always genuinely interested in people.

I am not one of the closest to Segun but seeing him earlier this year, we took the same bike to a place, he was there to help again I could see clearly. He would call me Rahola, I would look for his trouble in the DM, he loved football, I miss the banters, he was special to me.

I am happy he knew the Lord, the testimonies I have and have heard of him gives me peace that he is in a better place, so all I can say is Thank you Segun. Till we meet again.

By Raheem Olamide

6.Segun was one of those guys I could just look from a distance and i would be like” this is a cool guy ” One time, he literally apologized to me for doing absolutely nothing wrong.He was very careful with the way he treated people and I admired that greatly about him.His WhatsApp stickers were top notch and they would always make me laugh.I know that you are in a better place basking in the fact that you have been able to bring so much joy and laughter to so many persons within a short period of time.

By Napoleon Tejiri

Rest on Segun.