Yo quiero dar gracias a la Arbor vitae
(I want to give thanks to the Tree of life)
Muchisimas gracias Arbol de vida
(Thank you very much Tree of life )
Your reedy chest would not retire
From its support , my weight bearer.

I called out , Ayudarme !
( Help me !)
From your sanctuary ,me ayudaste
(You helped me )
What great love you represent ,Arbor vitae
Yo bebo de tu xilema ,Arbol de vida !
( I drink from your Xylem , Tree of life !)

Donde es mi elegante ?
(Where is my elegance?)
Yo encontro a tus pies
(I find at your feet )
It’s your life in me ,Arbor vitae
Yo bebera de tu xilema ,hasta la ultima .
( I will drink from your Xylem ,till the last.)

Awoyemi Omowunmi