Olutunmise Nigeria is a company that is involved in the design, production, and sales of bespoke leather slippers, sandals, shoes and bags . She was birthed from efforts to fill a void of trustworthy foot wear and accessories.
Before now, as a teenager that was very enthusiastic about beautiful and durable footwear, the CEO Blessing Oyewusi was always complimented about her classy choice of footwear and was often asked about tips to make footwear more durable, and to recommend shops to buy . She then realised that most of the places that she could recommend were not as good because even after she bought, she still had to reinforce them to her satisfaction. She then brought together a team of cobblers including herself to begin to make the best, beautiful and durable footwear and accessories made to customers specifications . We aim to bring out a customers personality and preference in every shoe or bag made. We have been serving Oyo state and it’s environs with the quality footwear for over a year. Olutunmise Nigeria is a team consisting of the manager/CEO, 3 cobblers, a social media manager and trainees. I