The MB;BS/BDS part 2 examination is one of the most feared exams in medical school. This, according to people that have ‘passed through’ it is because of the volume of the syllabus. The 2019 Examination was no different. During the annual Awosika symposium in October 2019, Mr. Chibuzor Makata was named as the best student this year. UIMSA clinical press had the opportunity to hear a few words from the winner himself. Thr following conversation ensued:

May we meet you sir?

My name is Makata Chibuzor Makata Aloysius. I’m a member of the 500 level class.

How do you feel about being the best in the MB;BS/BDS part 2 examination?

I feel humbled and lucky. And I wouldnt say I am the best. If the same exam is to be repeated, it probably would be a different story. I feel its just my turn. Last year it was Gafar, next year probably another story.

Did you see it coming?

Not at all. I never topped any C.A. Besides, I felt Matthew or Gafar would have won it as it happened in part 1.

What challenges did you face?

Attendance. I was disqualified from writing histopath test, I had to write radiology during revision posting.
I also had 2.5/10 in pharmacology practical due to an error. I went to the department to complain but they gave me little attention and hope.

What advice do you have for every medical student?

To never fear failure and adversities in medical school. Also, to keep striving hard.

Thank you for your time

You are welcome.