In my opinion, TDBs are a great way to pass the time. Though it is ideally meant for reading till day-break, book was made for man and not the other way round, hence, the flat-out refusal of some people to kill themselves. However, the reverse is the case for others and this brings us to the first category;

  1. The Dedicated Bookworms
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 As the name suggests, these guys were made for books, studying and more studying. They are the ones who get there early and spend their time productively by covering as much of the material as they can. Nevertheless, they always seem to be the exceptions and form a lesser percentage of those you would find in a populated lecture theatre at night.

 Now to the classes that make up the greater percentage (in no particular order).

  1. The Pro Gamers

    Productivity as a concept varies from person to person and for this set of individuals, nothing is more productive than honing their already established skills. After all one might never know after all when there would be a need to prove themselves in a virtual arena or football field. The reason why they chose to do this in a hot mosquito-filled lecture theatre is something I haven’t figured out yet.

  1. The Makeshift Cinema-Goers

     With a laptop/phone, earphones and a high definition copy of a recently released movie, these guys are set. To be fair, they do start their nights by reading a few slides or pages of a textbook. And who can blame them? Reading isn’t exactly one of the most interesting activities and watching a movie is a good way to chill.

  1. The Slumber Party People

      Contrary to what the small and silver screens tell us, there are no pillow fights in this fest. The only activity performed here is sleep as their category name suggests. And this class is further subdivided into two orders;

Order A- This is made up of those who actually try to get some study done. Unfortunately for them, Sleep is more seductive than books and they can’t resist the charms of the hotter chick.

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Order B- These individuals on the other hand don’t give sleep much of a fight. While the plan is usually to get there and burn through materials, they’re usually knocked out within 20 minutes, a backpack filled with textbooks acting as their substitute pillow.

  1. The Buffet Diners.

      Studying can be hard work and as it usually goes for all forms of hard work, it requires energy. Fortunately, this particular class is always prepared. From different brands of soft drinks and biscuits to appetizers like potato and plantain chips, they have it all. You can usually find them munching away as they turn another page of their notes. Beats fighting hunger and sleep don’t you think?

  1. The Worshipers Of Aphrodite

      Here we have those who have either gotten hit by Cupid’s Arrow or seek to find a willing partner for a trip to the Love garden. Usually found in engaging in discussions while in pairs, it is somewhat difficult to differentiate between certified couples and aspiring ones. They might get some reading done at the start but I assure you, that is not the goal.

  1. The Investigative Reporters

      They are always available for gist,  any day, anytime. Their goal is to get to the bottom of various happenings on their circles and for some of them, that circle is very wide. They usually flitter from place to place in search of familiar faces and the accompanying information. Mind you, this isn’t amebo, it is a higher and more noble calling.

   While this isn’t an exhaustive list, I’m sure you, the reader, can find one or two categories you’ve been in at some point. What category do you fall in? And which do you aspire to join?

Onyinyechi Osisiogu
Preclinical Press