When the announcement was made that Emma Stone would be casting for the Cruella movie, critics signed the movie’s death warrant in red ink. Many speculated that the good-girlfriend image she often portrays would certainly damn the evil maestro image of the villain from 101 Dalmatians.

We recalled the merciless demeanor of this conflicted antagonist highlighted in three films and an animation feature and wondered if Emma could pull it off.

These fears were put to rest on May 28th when the movie was released here in Nigeria.

To the surprise of many, Emma seemed to pass the test for dark ingenuity coupled with the vicious execution of a mad author of destruction. She channeled her inner femme fatale in one of her greatest performance on-screen.

This coming-of-age movie portrays Cruella, a character born into uncertainty and raised by a caring mother who tried to confirm her to the norms of society to no avail eventually resulting in an unfortunate demise that sets her (Cruella) on a path of mass destruction and revenge.

Hidden within those cruel eyes is a sweet girl influenced by society and its many inhumane objectifications. Be prepared to enter the realm of the anti-hero genre, a territory made commonplace with the success of blockbuster movies like Joker and Birds of Prey.

This genre has received many accolades due to its vivid depiction of the sociopsychological ramifications of society’s adoration of capitalism over socialism. This mindset has led to the degradation of our social structures making the rich richer and the poor sinking deep into penury.

Now the silver screen has presented a silver lining with the emergence of anti-hero personas who, accept society in all its wretchedness, and, take laws into their own hands to set it straight. Cruella is a perfect example of what happens when one embraces their past and, absorbing the beauty, forges a path towards a better future.

This is most definitely a movie to watch with friends (maybe family) for it borders on the evolution of every millennial that passed through the dreadful times of the pandemic.

You too will find your Future!

By Chika Nnawuogo