D’banj and wife, Lineo Didi Kilgrow are expecting a baby fourteen months after losing their one year old son, Daniel Jnr. to the tragic hands of death in June 2018.

This great news was shared by the former Mo’ hit star on Saturday the 24th of August in an interview with the London based Nigerian On-Air Personality, Shopsy of Beat FM London.

When asked about how he coped with the death of his first child, the singer and entertainer started with gratitude as he revealed he wouldn’t be where he is, coping the way he’s doing if not for the “grace and mercy of God” over his life and appreciated the people, including family and friends that stood by him during this hard times.  He said;

 “First, I want to thank everyone out there who has supported us, but the truth is in everything we do we need to give thanks to God and more importantly, I believe there is God that grated me the grace and mercy over my family and my wife to be able to be here today. It’s not something you wish for your worst enemy. To lose a child is not something you think about, and I have never thought about it before.

He went on to reveal how broken the experience left him and the coping mechanism he employed that also helped his musical craft that has, in turn, produced somebody of works we’ll be privy to very soon. With the perfect icing on the cake, D’Banj revealed him and his wife, Lineo Didi Kilgrow, will be expecting a baby in a couple of months.

He said;

“If I told you I thought about it unlike other things you asked me and I told you I am focused and I go in, this was one that broke me. This was just the that it just took the grace of God and a bit of therapy. I think I went for therapy once and I said this no be my style because it was bringing out so many things. I am happy that over time I have been able to channel that into my music, which is more important for me. You haven’t heard any of them yet but very soon…because the most important thing that I believe and pray for is restoration. I know that no matter how many time I tell my wife that everything is okay, God has to give us restoration. I am proud to say that in a few months time, I’m going to be a father again”.

Source: NotjustOK.com