On the 27th of March, 2022 The University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Association concluded her 60th health week with another edition of what has often and popularly been tagged as the best departmental dinner in the University of Ibadan. The evening of dazzling diamonds and scintillating starlight kicked off around 8pm at Apex Event Centre, Agodi GRA with a red carpet event featuring celebrity worthy couture by brands and student designers alike, as singles, couples and friends in groups of twos, threes and more arrived at the venue. From the very first step into the hall, guests were held spellbound by the brilliant and immersive decor of lights, drapes and elegantly set tables that brought the starlight theme to life.

Despite the sophistication of the event, the program progressed with the finalist class managing to set an ambience of relaxation with fun games, jokes and classic emceeing. One such game was the couples’ competition, in which five couples were chosen to perform tasks ranging from medical themed charades to a dance routine, a duet performance and a proposal drama. While all were sweet and entertaining and raised a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘awws’ from the audience, no one could deny the excitement that took over when the winning couple (Titus and Oyinkansola) came on and turned the stage to their dance floor with fuji music. They were amply rewarded with a Cafe Chrysalis gift voucher worth fifteen thousand naira. The menu for the night comprised an appetizer of small chops, a main course of options such as the never-failing jollof and fried rice combo with chicken and fish and a side of coleslaw or moimoi, an intercontinental dish of Singaporean noodles, Chinese fried rice and chicken curry sauce, and choices for the ibile lovers- ofada rice and sauce or pounded yam and efo soup.

Dessert options consisted of red velvet or chocolate cakes, chocolate or strawberry mousse, and apple crumble, alongside fruity flavoured mocktails on the rocks. No one could say the dinner committee didn’t go above and beyond when it came to the actual dinner.The night was also graced with commendable renditions from our very own preliminary nightingale, Oreoluwa Ogunnaike, and swoon-worthy performances from guest artist, Eri Ife.

The highlight of the night was the award ceremony that featured both the preclinical and clinical classes with the following winners emerging for each category;

La Belle Rose:Tolu Oyebanji (Clinicals) Anjola Kolapo (Preclinicals)

Prince Charming:Babajide Oyekunle (Clinicals) Ijezie Collins (Preclinicals)

Most Fashionable Male: Bolu Ajayi (Clinicals) Ijezie Collins (Preclinicals)

Most Fashionable Female: Lucy Eromosele (Clinicals) Oluchi Idika (Preclinicals)

Entrepreneur of the Year: Segun Flames (Clinicals) Dauda Babatunde – iTutors (Preclinicals)

Least Likely to Practice: Asibe Frank (Clinicals) Alimi Mubarak (Preclinicals)

Most Versatile:Obeya Mark (Clinicals) Odedele Covenant (Preclinicals)

Freshman of the Year: Dauda Babatunde

Finalist of the Year:Laolu Olorunfemi

Executive of the Year: Laolu Olorunfemi

Sportsman of the Year:Anjola Oluyole (Clinicals); Akinnusoye David (Preclinicals)

Mr Macho:Precious Idaiye (Clinicals)

Best Dressed Male:Daniel Obasi (Clinicals)

Best Dressed Female:Jummai Sadiku (Clinicals)

Best Class:2k18

Couple of the Year:Laolu and Jaachi (Clinicals) Chioma and Chibueze (Preclinicals)

The winners took to the stage to receive their certificates presented by the president of the association, Olaoluwa Olorunfemi. The splendid night drew to a close with a heartwarming birthday song for the chairman of the dinner committee, Babajide Oyekunle, sang at the stroke of midnight followed by series of photographs taken by the committee members and many other guests who couldn’t resist immortalizing the wonderful experience.

The ambience
Four merry men
The chairman of the Dinner Committee/Birthday boy
Black Diamonds

Finally, the closing event of the night, you guessed it, was the “dance dance dance” section, which segued into the afterparty that carried on into the morning. In all, there wasn’t a dull moment at the night under the stars. If there is one thing this event proved, it is that UIMSA has not relented- we remain the undisputed champions of the glamorous events league.

Can other departments someday measure up? We doubt it. But being the benevolent lifesavers that we are, we wouldn’t mind giving others a few pointers.

By Opeolu Oreoluwa