UIMSA CLINICAL PRESS conducted an interview with the amiable Opeyemi Muili. She is the newly elected Regional Coordinator of the Nigerian Medical Students’ Association (NiMSA) South-West Region.

She will shoulder the responsibility of coordinating and organizing events and activities which will bring together the South Western Medical Students’ Associations under the aegis of NiMSA. A. D: Please can you give us a brief introduction of yourself?O. M: My name is Opeyemi MUILI. A 500 level Medical Student, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State. I am the third of four children. Former Vice President and Treasurer, two time IFUMSA Honourable. A mental health enthusiast, also interested in…

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John Wayne said, “No moral man can have peace if he leaves undone, what he knows he should have done”. This concept of morality is not about which actions are right or wrong and subsequently,  justifying the reason in either case; but about being accountable for one’s actions without having a sense of self-guilt. It is about pushing one’s self to do better than before. It is about making informed decisions, giving them focused attention and standing by them, doing…

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⭐The adjusted year plan of UIMSA was adopted. According to the adjusted year plan, this tenure will now end in march, 2022. ⭐The report of the audit committee was given by Senator Muotoh of the 500L constituency. The various issues encountered by the committee (transactions, receipts e.t.c) were read out to all present. Several points and questions were raised. The points and questions that were raised were all tackled. It was emphasized by the Senate Chairman, Senator Eriobuna, that any…

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s New Essay speaks up about the facade of Twitter’s Angels

Just finished reading Chimamanda’s piece titled “It’s Obscene: A True Reflection in Three Parts” and a line has kept on ringing in my head. Sometimes, silence makes a lie begin to take on the shimmer of truth. The Nigerian feminist author spoke up about the criticism she faced online for an interview she did back in 2017 where she said she saw “trans women as trans women”. Critics attacked her viciously saying that she didn’t see trans women as real…

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Sports Related Facts and Tips ▪️Sport was invented predictably in Greece, with the first game recorded in 776 BCE in Olympia where they were celebrated until 393 CE. ▪️Each year, 30000 people are seriously injured by exercise equipment. ▪️ Norway has won the highest medals numbering 263 medals at the winter games. ▪️No country in the Southern hemisphere has ever hosted a winter game. ▪️ Korfball is the only sport played with mixed teams consisting of four (4) men and…

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I live astride the fence. Sometimes I look to the right, other times to the left. And sometimes, I look forward, my eyes tightly shut. Sometimes the noise is deafening, and sometimes it’s just a lull. But it’s always there. Words fly around like feathers in the wind, my ears catch every single one of them and sometimes I wish my hands could catch them too. Here on the fence, I can see both sides clearly. I can see the…

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Did the song come to mind when you saw that title? It sure did for me when I picked it. Have you ever been asked “how are you?” and you immediately replied with “I’m fine”? We all do this without putting any thought at all into it. When asked this very popular question, have you actually thought deeply about your state of mind, body and soul before giving a reply? Maybe not even for their sake but for yours, just…

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Barely two weeks after the rounding up of club football with the Champions League final in Porto where Chelsea football club were dominant over Manchester City, football players of European nationalities are set to face off again. This time, to don their respective national team jersey and represent their teams in the UEFA Euro 2021 tournament. The competition which should have hold last year was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic that destabilized Europe and the world. The Euros is…

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An Imperfect Note on Perfectionism

My search for a perfect start has been futile, so far. So let’s just dive into this piece. Perfectionism is a dislike for anything less than perfection. A perfectionist is one who has a propensity for being displeased with anything that is not perfect or does not meet extremely high standards. Is perfection actually an achievable state? By whose standard is perfection measured? Did You Know? • Perfectionism is sometimes seen as a positive trait. But based on research conducted…

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UEFA EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP? MORE LIKE CRISTIANO RONALDO EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP In a game that was dominated by the Portugal national team, Cristiano Ronaldo further established his dominance in the competition after scoring 2 goals, making him the highest goal scorer in the European championship. The Selecao had a couple of chances in the first half that was bungled by the side. However, Raphael Guerreiro’s deflected shot gave Portugal the lead.  The Hungarians were hungry for goals and they tried to equalise…

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UI Revises Academic Calendar, Resumes Physical Classes The University of Ibadan commenced physical classes on the 7th of June, 2021. These classes are to complement what was done during the period of virtual classes. According to the calendar, the weeks added to the semester are for revisions and finalization of continuous assessment. Examinations are scheduled to begin from the 21st of June, 2021, starting with GES examinations. Noteworthy is the absence of the semester break, which sparked a plethora of…

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