On Wednesday, 9th of November, the Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association, better known as ICOMAA, held their first-ever students’ day tagged Made in Ibadan. as a part of their annual reunion week activities. The event kicked off around five pm in a beautifully decorated Paul Hendrickse lecture theatre, University College Hospital, on the third day of the ICOMAA week, which had till then featured a series of stimulating talks on pertinent health issues across disciplines.

The evening began with a rousing introductory speech from Miss Olajuwon Mofiolashade, a member of the ABH L and D society, which extolled the uniqueness of Ibadan and her products.

#Did You Know?

ICOMAA was established by the 1972 set, making the association 50 years old this year!

Next up was a masterful rendition of Sade Adu’s Smooth Operator by one of UIMSA’s most gifted songbirds, Miss Mbajiorgu Chidiomimi, followed by an interactive panel session with the alumni in attendance: Dr. Koleowo, Professor Osinusi, Professor Otolorin, and Dr. Obajimi. Our panelists offered candid accounts of their time as students as well as the decisions that put them on their current career paths.


Have you ever wondered why OBGYN doctors are pot-bellied? It’s because they are sympathetic with their patients.

-Prof Otolorin

Finally, came the start of the long awaited talent show contest. Mr Uzor Uchechukwu took the stage to serenade the crowd with an original song titled My Sunshine that had everyone singing along by the end –and definitely more than one medico swooning in the crowd. In the wake of roaring applause from the audience, Miss Mmesoma Okeke came on stage with a UIMSA executive –whom she would be attempting to draw in seven minutes flat! Though the time eventually proved insufficient to finish, her work certainly wowed the judges enough to score a place in top three.

Next in line was Mr Samuel who delivered a keyboard cover of the 2022 official friendship anthem, “How Are You My Friend?” by Johnny Drille, the perfect way to spread nostalgia amongst students and alumni alike.

The last performance came from Miss Confidence, who came on stage with Adele’s timeless Hello. Unfortunately, she was unable to successfully accomplish the musical feat, more for an ignorance of the lyrics than lack of vocal prowess, but the audience certainly wasn’t low on love as they carried every missed lyric. It turns out crowd approval really is everything, as she ended up also bagging a spot in the top three.


1ST – #20,000
2ND – #15,000
3RD – #10,000

The event would not have been complete without a spoken word performance from yet another ABH L and D champion, Mr Idaiye Precious, who certainly reinforced our opinion of the society with two immensely creative poems –one for our dearest alumni, and the other dedicated to the gym lords, or men of “godlike habitus,” as he so modestly put it.

The night finally drew to a close with a lovely rendition from St Luke’s Chapel Choir, an announcement of the winners, closing remarks from the Subdean, Clinicals, and a vote of thanks by the UIMSA vice president, Miss Folorunsho Olorunyomi. And of course, the distribution of food packs, because what’s a College of Medicine event without the 7th item?


1st – Uzor Uchechukwu
2nd –Confidence
3rd –Mmesoma Okeke

Opeolu Oreoluwa