Everyone loves a good laugh and comedy shows can be a really good way to get off. Here’s a list of eleven completed comedy TV shows


This is probably the most popular of the lot. It follows the lives of six friends and how they navigate work and dating. There’s Ross, the annoying archaeologist; Chandler, the funny idiot, whom no one seems to understand what he does for a living; Monica, who’s probably the mother of the group; Joey, the lovable idiot; Phoebe, the weirdo and Rachel, a lovable spoilt brat. 

2. How I Met Your Mother

This series reminds me of F.R.I.E.N.D.S in a lot of ways, from the professors, Ted and Ross, to the womanisers Barry and Joey as well as having characters that no one really knows what they do and even the on-and-off couples. Even the going strong couples. To be honest, I could write an entire article about the similarities between the two but all in all, How I met your mother has a very good standalone storyline with decent actors and is sure to give you a good laugh. There’s a good twist at the end of story about who Ted ends up with. Well, good depending on what side you choose to look at it from.

3. New Girl

Jess, a schoolteacher, breaks up with her boyfriend and moves out of their apartment without a plan She ends up moving in with a set of bachelors in a loft who only really let her in because one of them, Schmidt, wants to hit on her hot model friend, Cece. This sets them up for a set of adventures that none of them would ever have expected.

4. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will Smith (playing a fictionalised version of himself) is a street-smart African-American youngster from West Philadelphia who was “born and raised.” Will accidently hits a bunch of gang members with the ball while playing street basketball, frightening his mother, who sends him to live with his wealthy aunt and uncle in the opulent Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. Will’s working-class background clashes with the Banks family’s upper-class world in a variety of amusing ways, including Will’s stern uncle Phil and tough but fair aunt Vivian and their children, Will’s cousins: spoiled Hilary, pompous Carlton, impressionable Ashley, and baby Nicky (introduced in season 3), as well as their sarcastic butler Geoffrey.

5. Modern Family

Modern Family is about an extended family comprising of three nuclear families (your regular one, a blended one and a same-sex family). Jay the head of the family isn’t exactly in support of his children’s choices for partners but eventually grows to like them better as the show goes on.

6. The Office

A mockumentary sitcom that focuses on the everyday lives of the employees of Dunder Mifflin, a paper company. Michael Scott, their incompetent boss oversees the company and is supported by Dwight, a very odd character and Jim who is secretly in love with his best friend and the secretary of the office. There’s  also Ryan and Kelly, who are the textbook definition of a toxic relationship, Creed who is just….  I can’t even describe him, and some other characters.

7. Seinfeld

Seinfeld, named after and starring a comedian of the same name, is based around Jerry Seinfeld, a comedian living in New York and his friends, George, who is always losing his job and will more readily fight for unemployment benefits than hold down a steady job, Elaine, Jerry’s ex-girlfriend that he’s still friends with and Kramer, who is the type of friend that you’re not really sure why you’re friends.

8. Living Single

A show that is seen as the progenitor of F.R.I.E.N.D.S sees six black 20-somethings — four women and two men — share their lives and loves in a Brooklyn brownstone. A trio of women share one of the apartments, receiving frequent visits from a fourth pal; meanwhile, two men who’ve been friends for years share an apartment one floor up.

9. Martin

Martin Lawrence plays Martin Payne, a disc jockey who is accompanied by his lover Gina Waters. Martin works for WZUP, a fictional radio station, and then for Channel 51, a local public-access television channel. Martin’s selfish and free-spirited character is a recurring motif in the series. Martin’s inappropriate conduct and constant smart-mouthing towards his friends, neighbors, and anybody else who happens to be in his vicinity are frequently featured in episodes. When all is said and done, however, Martin loves his family and friends—it just takes dire situations for him to show it.

10. Two and a Half Men

Alan, a chiropractor is divorced by his wife, who, in addition to gaining almost full custody of their son, takes him for all he’s worth. He then moves in with his brother, Charlie, who he is jealous of because he seems to do very little but he has a lot. It has a really good run for the first nine seasons but falls off towards the end as one of the lead characters leaves the show.

11. Two Broke Girls

Caroline Channing, an heir to a large fortune loses everything when her father is found guilty of fraud and has all his assets frozen. She moves into a run down apartment with Max, her colleague at her new job as a waitress in a diner. Together, they foste a dream of upscaling their startup cupcake business but always find themselves without money.

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