The concept of the multiverse is no strange concept to anyone in the Science Fiction space. With numerous directors and companies giving their take on this concept, this one movie absolutely gets it right.

The title of this movie strangely gives a lot of the plot away, giving us a rather simple story spanning multiple universes. The movie aims to tackle one of the overwhelming questions thrown to us by life; what is the use of anything if nothing matters?

The movie is divided into 3 sections based on the title.

PART 1: Everything introduces us to the protagonist and how she is encumbered by everything in her life, barely having time for the things that matter. This makes her not necessarily the best of characters, as she is unable to express her love for her daughter and repeatedly lies to her father to protect her image. Thereafter, we are introduced to the multiverse travel rules. These rules bring up funny moments, allowing the movie to take itself seriously, while also being completely unserious.

PART 2: Everywhere begins to question the meaning of life if everything is just a rearrangement of particles in a vibrating superposition. Here we get to see what a true multiverse movie should feel like Crazy, Random. The rock scene is one of these, showing the true art that can come from a multiverse concept. Then we get a very profound message, the true way to live in this world is with kindness and love.

PART 3: All at Once acts as a satisfying conclusion to this wonderfully written story. One where viewers are encouraged to make the decision to live in the moment and not be weighed down by the over-looming presence of everything.

The movie is well done with the Daniels bringing their story to life through the acting prowess of Michelle Yeoh. She completely embodies the character, giving the viewer an understanding of what she is going through in the mundane life of taxes and laundry.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a must-watch cinematic miracle.