ABIOLA OMOLADE: I am from UIMSA Press, thanks for consenting to this interview session with You.


ABIOLA OMOLADE: Can you please tell us a little about yourself

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: I’m almost graduated student, a final year medical student.

ABIOLA OMOLADE: What is your best experience in medical school so far?

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: I have had a lot of great experiences, like the times that we traveled to other schools to have fun, for political stuffs and also for quiz. The recent was the one we went to Kenya to represent the association and college of medicine UI internationally and it was a great experience and that is the one that stands out for me.

ABIOLA OMOLADE: What are your not so good experiences in medical school?

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: The NO TO 100k, it was not so good in terms of we having to stay home, it was really draining because at that time we felt so much injustice and also, times I had not so good test scores, I felt bad.

ABIOLA OMOLADE: What are your plans post medical school?

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: I have plans really, but I mean I’m at this stage of where do we start from and all, so I think firstly, most people want to travel but for me, yeah I also want to travel but I feel like it more into like a big picture of coming back to help our country so I am not thinking of doing clinical medicine for now I am looking at something more of public health.

ABIOLA OMOLADE: Has covid impacted in any way towards your plans?

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: Yes covid was quite revealing, it was almost a year of inactivity so there was so much time to introspect, try to see what can I do, what skills I can learn during this period, how can I utilize this free time to do what I can do, so yeah I picked up some skills which has been helpful, have also had time to think more and grow as a person, to be a good brother to my brothers, to be a good son to my parents, to also be a good friend to my friends and that itself has helped, so yeah covid was a blessing in disguise but of course it has affected the time I should have graduated but I thank God I feel its all working together for our good.

ABIOLA OMOLADE: You mentioned you acquired some skills earlier on, do you mind sharing?

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: I have always wanted to do something more creative so I learnt motion graphics, how to make 2D animations, I also learnt to write more academically during that period and also trying to look for more opportunities that would fit me for future run, long run.

ABIOLA OMOLADE: What are your hobbies, what you enjoy doing?

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: Well I think I like to work hard and I also like to play, I like watching movies, watching documentaries, hanging out with my friends, I like intellectual discussions and also I think I’d like to travel round the world. I love arts too and I also listening to music.

ABIOLA OMOLADE: Your class 2k16 is known as the MAXIMUX, what does that mean?

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: We trying to look for a name and someone just suggested it and coupled with the fact that it has this double xx representing 2020 doctors.

ABIOLA OMOLADE: How do you relieve stress post exam?

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: I hangout with friends and watch movies.

ABIOLA OMOLADE: As the former UIMSA President, what has been your challenges and how do you face them?

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: Well it was not only me, it was an executive council of ten individuals occupying different positions with me as the head. So the general problem we face, we face together and we were able to identify the problems, see what caused them and solved them, in relation to trying our best to improve the academics and social commissions of students in every way we can, even though sometimes we wish we could do more but can’t because of the way things are structured and we don’t exactly have that power to just do things all of a sudden, sometimes the best you can do is just to advocate to the authorities on how to go about doing things.

ABIOLA OMOLADE: How do you feel about not having to experience one last UIMSA dinner?

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: It was quite painful, I was really looking forward to it as well as my class but then what can we do, life happens, we move.

ABIOLA OMOLADE: If you were to practice, where would you like to specialize in and why?

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: I will most likely specialize in public health, based on the effort of preventing diseases because I feel it’s the best and like they say prevention is better than cure, the money that you put into curing a disease is way more than what you use to prevent a disease so I want to try my best especially in our country where our health sector is not that good, so I really want to find something to do in that line to improve our health care as much as I can.

ABIOLA OMOLADE: Tell us some fun fact about yourself, what people don’t know about you as well as your darkest secrets

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: Fun about me, I really like to work and play hard. I see myself as this chilled guy but people think that I am this very serious guy, you know there is a way presidency make you look like, you have to be formal and the likes but then I like catching cruise and have fun in my own way as much as I can and of course everyone has their dark secret but I cannot share.

ABIOLA OMOLADE: What is your most enjoyable posting?

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: It was the Igbo-ora posting. It was chilling and away from rigorous postings we have had and it was even more fun with my group.

ABIOLA OMOLADE: What is your best moment as Brownite?

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: It was during the hall week that we had then when my set just crossed to UCH and it was a full week, we had rally, dinner, variety night and it was really fun, having to go to UI for rally, showing yourself as medical student and seeing those babes all around.

ABIOLA OMOLADE: We have come to end of the interview, thank you very much for your time.

Dr ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE: Thank you, I appreciate the time and for picking me for an interview.

Former UIMSA President for 2019/2020 tenure: ADEROUNMO BOLUWATIFE

This interview was conducted by Mr. Abiola Omolade