Interviewer: A few words that describe you?

Irete: Tough question… Kind, Free-spirited and meticulous, somewhat hardworking. I like being busy, impactful and pushing myself in activities i enjoy.

Interviewer: Why did you pick medical school?

Irete: A fatal error… I was initially bent on not doing medicine, I thought of doing a computer related course but my parents were of the opinion that everyone would eventually be a computer literate. I then considered architecture but I was miseducated by my teacher that it is a masculine field. Pharmacy was my last option but considering the somewhat similar time frame of both courses, I opted for what I thought was better.

Reluctantly, I picked Medicine and Surgery in my JAMB form. I had no divine revelation that I was going to be a doctor.

Interviewer: Would you pick Medical school again?

Irete: Ah, I don’t know, I don’t believe so. But I would definitely do it over again with the same set of classmates.

Interviewer: Your best experiences in medical school?

Irete: I enjoyed my class’ party after every MB. I really enjoyed all the rallies in UI. My Igboora posting with Group C(1.5 Million Gang) was really fantastic due to the close bonding and the experience far surpassing my expectations of going to a remote village. My tenure as the congress chancellor was also fantastic, as I never imagined I would head anything in UIMSA. My best experiences are very people centered, usually getting to know people and experience what they have to offer(Knowledge and emotions), I just like being in-tune with my environment.

Interviewer: Your bad experiences in Medical school?

Irete: I didn’t start on a good note with my classmates in 100L, I was considered to be a proud snub with a resting b*tch face by some people that didn’t get to know me initially. But by 200L my relationship with my classmates improved.

300L, I was at the Idia hall dinner where the final showdown of the 2015 Idia vs Zik Hall fight at Abdulsalam Hall took place. It was a Nightmare.

My Part 2 exam was my another bad experience. I couldn’t get the cramming of names in Pharmacology, and the shortening of the normal lecture time didn’t help. I managed to scale through the written MCQs and Essays, but knew I was coming back to write the exam after I was told I had “killed a patient” for answering some questions wrongly at the Orals. Fortunately the aftermath of failing Pharmacology was not bad for me, Thanks to Busayo and Moyin for helping me prepare everyday for the resit.

Interviewer: Most enjoyable posting?

Irete:  I really enjoyed my radiology posting, it was stress free, I was able to keep up with classes and I knew what I was doing. Then I really liked O&G, because they were so kind and they showed that they wanted the best for us.

Interviewer: Worst posting?

Irete: Paediatrics

Interviewer: Favorite Consultant

Irete: Professor Arije of the Nephrology Department, and Dr. T.A Lawal of the Pediatric Surgery Unit for being very kind and being more than a teacher.

Interviewer: Best experiences as a Brownite?

Irete: When I was a member of the Bonfire committee and there was a lot of working together to organise the refreshments for the bonfire

Interviewer: How do you feel about not having your last dinner?

Irete: There was nothing anyone could do about it, we were ready with our dresses and everything, Its painful but we understand. It was supposed to be fun and I’m more pained about missing the after dinner convoys back to ABH.

Interviewer: What does Maxximus mean to you?

Irete: It signifies the year we were meant to graduate, 2020…

Interviewer: What kind of help are you known for offering to your classmates?

Irete: They usually just want to talk, they want my advice, they want me to be there for them and they want my support, oh and my car.

Interviewer: Your experience with the Congress Chancellor Job?

Irete: It was not a job at all to me, I love UIMSA, UIMSA was everything to me. I felt everybody owed a responsibility to UIMSA, because its the body that protects you. My political journey started in 200L when I ran for Senate, and I lost but eventually got co-opted into the Congress because of extra space, but by 300L i won after rerunning for senate, by 500L I switched to Congress and was the Deputy Chancellor, then the next tenure I became the chancellor. It is one thing I am proud that I did in Medical school.

Interviewer: So you would definetely be the Congress Chancellor again, if given the chance?

Irete: I definetely would, in fact I’d be a president.

Interviewer: What are your plans for after Medical school?

Irete: I just want to relax, hopefully, no academic activity for a while(a month or 2). I want to restart my professional baking hobby again. Improve on my art that I stopped working on since 200L. After resting for a month, I want to go for my House Job in a private facility, fingers crossed. I will eventually leave the country, but i do like Nigeria, I like being home. I plan to do a masters on an engineering related course because I’m not interested in clinical practice per say. I’ll probably use a part of my resting month(s) to think about the best direction to pick.