The University of Ibadan Medical Student Association (UIMSA), twice as tall, is renown amongst her peers for her giant strides. The association celebrated her diamond anniversary the previous year. This year she is blessed with her 61st set of executives. We will be introducing to you one of the current executives, fasten your belt as you learn about an executive of the giant of Africa.

Interviewer: Good afternoon. Can you please introduce yourself?

UIMSA vice-president: My name is Eniola Akinnuoye. I’m a member of the 2k18 clinical intake set. I’m currently serving the Association as the Vice President. I am very honoured to be speaking with the Clinical press today.

Interviewer: Congratulations on your election as the Vice President of UIMSA. How has your first few days in office been?

UIMSA vice-president: Thank you very much. The first few days have been smooth, a lot of work ongoing already for the executive council, and so far, things have been good.

Interviewer: You’ve held a number of political positions before now, can you tell us about your experience?

UIMSA vice-president: I have served in some elected capacities in UIMSA from my 100L days; serving my class as a Senator. I served as a Senator for two more tenures after the first. During the last tenure, I served in the capacity of Assistant General Secretary. Amongst all the things I’ve learnt through service, one thing stands out for me, serving UIMSAites demands your best at every given task.

Interviewer: Coming this far, what were the challenges you faced and what kept you going?

UIMSA vice-president: Hmmm, there have been a number of challenges, most of them tasked specific. A general one would be the challenge of people that choose not to be cooperative, mostly because of personal reasons of theirs, especially when approached on a personal level for administrative purpose, assistance or guidance. What kept me going and still keeps me going is that I have a good support system of people around me. Even when they cannot help directly, they encourage me because they know the commitment I made to serve is very important to me and that helps me to do my best, despite the situation.

Interviewer: Who are your major support systems? Family or Friends?

UIMSA vice-president: My major support systems are family, my few close friends, some classmates, senior colleagues; oh! really wonderful people and some people that I’ve built official working relationships with.

Interviewer: What challenges do you envisage in your current executive position?

UIMSA vice-president: Every task will come with challenges and a major one would be working/serving through the uncertainties that can pop up anytime in the course of the tenure. Seeing that it’s largely virtual from the start due to the new normal.

Interviewer: Oh! Yeah, the new normal. How do you hope to overcome these challenges? The uncertainties, the new normal, virtual assignments and all.

UIMSA vice-president: Well, one thing is certain, my commitment to service. This certainty fuels a number of other things like ways to overcome challenges. Although I was elected to serve in the office of the Vice President, I would be a team member with the other Executives, working as a team through most of the challenges, because we all have a common goal; serving and representing UIMSAites.

Interviewer: After this tenure, will you still be serving and representing UIMSAites or you’ll be hanging the boot?

UIMSA vice-president: The service to be rendered at hand is the most important, after that is done, although service to UIMSAites continues, how it would continue would be made known then. Thank you.

Interviewer: Outside UIMSA, what are your aspirations for the political world?

UIMSA vice-president: _smiles_ outside UIMSA is a big world full of opportunities unimaginable and although I don’t know how life would work out specifically. Politically, I plan to work along the part of policy implementation and advocacy.

Interviewer: What is your greatest aspiration?

UIMSA vice-president: My greatest aspiration is to not only live a fulfilled life, but to help as many people as I interact with live fulfilled lives because the greatest investment in life is the investment in people. 

Interviewer: Who are your role models and why are they your role models?

UIMSA vice-president: My role models, hmm. I have a number of them, specific to my different areas of interest. So politically would be the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg. Why? She’s been in political service from her high school days, similar to my aspirations from secondary school and I have a personal liking for the country because of some specific reasons and she’s a leader of that country.

Interviewer: Hmmmm… All the way to Norway.

UIMSA vice-president: LOL… I guess I found her while looking for something else

Interviewer: All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. What do you do for fun?

UIMSA vice-president: Well…. A number of things, because I believe fun is what you make of it. I like to sing, hang out with friends, sometimes cook, sometimes watch movies, etc

Interviewer: So, are you more of a movie or a music geek?

UIMSA vice-president: I’m not sure I’m a geek for any but music stands out for me….

Interviewer: Alright. What are your top three songs of all time?

UIMSA vice-president: That’s tricky, different seasons, different songs. Most recently would be the songs from an album titled Gospel of the Kingdom by Dunsin Oyekan. I can’t pick 3… it’s all the songs on that album for me.

Interviewer: What is your most memorable experience in the University of Ibadan?

UIMSA vice-president: Hmmm, my stay in the university hasn’t ended, so I can’t say but so far, I can’t forget the day of class elections in 100L with a special appreciation to Dr Olakorode Ojo and Abdulbasit Fehintola, of the 2k16 clinical intake set, a soon to be doctor.

Interviewer: What made it the most memorable experience so far?

UIMSA vice-president: The welcoming gesture I received from the senior colleagues before the election and acceptance by classmates after the elections.

Interviewer: What is your most unpleasant experience in the University of Ibadan so far?

UIMSA vice-president: Hmmm, there has been a number, so far, it would be missing out on chemistry 156 CA because they would not take my notice of absence indicating my inability to write the test, as I was recovering from an accident I recently had then.

Interviewer: More of what will you like to do in the University of Ibadan before graduation?

UIMSA vice-president: A number of things, mostly personal but one would be to build relationships with senior colleagues, I mean our lecturers, to establish a mentorship relationship with some of them.

Interviewer: Less of what will you like to do in the University of Ibadan?

UIMSA vice-president: I guess less of things that I have come to see that isn’t very helpful on a personal development note.

Interviewer: What has been the most painful part of this pandemic break? And what are the things you’ve learnt during this pandemic?

UIMSA vice-president: Most painful part? I’m not really sure, there have been ups and downs. I have learnt that taking care of oneself should never be on second wheel, because everything else that you might want to do would eventually depend on how well you are.

Interviewer: What single most important advice will you like to give us?

UIMSA vice-president: It would be one I’ve received for myself, and that is to take no one for granted, because the essence of life is in human relationships.

Interviewer: What advice(s) will you give the political apathic UIMSAITES?

UIMSA vice-president: I’m not really sure it is an advice that is most needed. I think it would be a plea that they know that there’s no UIMSA as a body without UIMSAites. Every UIMSAite is important, so their involvement in UIMSA politically, will definitely be most appreciated by UIMSA as a body, and would in turn benefit them because UIMSA as a body primarily serves all UIMSAites.

Interviewer: Thank you very much Madamvice-president for your audience. It is good to have you here. I wish you a successful tenure.

UIMSA vice-president: Thank you so for your time as well. A big well done to the UIMSA Clinical Press. Kudos to the team

Interviewer: I look forward to you taking us all on a free trip to Norway some day

UIMSA vice-president: 😅 Never say never

Interviewer: Energy ⚡

The interview was conducted by Mr Adiat Tijani.