The first plenary session for the 21st of November, 2018, the Day 4 of the FAMSA General Assembly, started at about 9.28am. The topic for the Plenary session was “Mental Health: Breaking the Silence”. Among the panelists for that plenary session were Dr Owoeye and Dr Waniki Kivwanga. The topic was one that particularly got the interest of most of the delegates and observers, as a lot of questions were raised and some of them were answered. The first plenary session for that day came to an end at about 10:54am.The French translator, Mr. Sheriff who coincidentally was a UIMSAites of the 2k16 class, was invited afterwards to give an overview of the plenary session in French language. Delegates went for tea break at about 11.03am.

The second plenary session for that day started at about 11.45am and it was moderated by Dr Isaac Olufadewa. The topic for the session was “Maternal and Child Health in Africa: The wages of disconnect”. It was a very interesting and educating session as a lot of questions were raised by the delegates and solutions preferred to their questions by the esteemed panellists. The session came to an end at about 1.29pm.
The Director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for Nigeria, Dr.Paulin Basinga addressed the delegates and observers through a short video which lasted for about 20 minutes. In the first part of his speech, he briefed the delegates and observers through the video on what the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation does amongst which were: Polio eradication, Primary health care and Nutrition.
Dr Paulin Basinga shared with the delegates and observers 12 suggestions and key advice that he feels medical students need to know in order to excel in their careers. He made it clear that he gathered the suggestions from his friends and former classmates whom he reached out to.


  1. Ground yourself in patient care
  2. Understand your context: you need more than what is in your textbooks to treat your patients.
  3. Gain experience in the last mile delivery
  4. Become an informed consumer of the literature: He advised the delegates and observers to read at least one scientific paper a week.
  5. Make the patient the centre of your practice: Be a good communicator; friendliness, empathy, respect. Always make use of the brain and the heart while treating the patient.
  6. Command a life of continuous learning
  7. Find your North Star: something that motivates you and keeps you going no matter what.
  8. Explore new opportunities
  9. Cultivate relationship with a mentor
  10. Be the change you seek: Good clinical skills are not enough if the system is broken.
  11. Keep your integrity
  12. Be very thankful

The Special session by Dr Ibrahim Badejo, a Senior Director, New Ventures Johnson and Johnson Innovations, Cambridge.
“I am really humbled to be here in FAMSA and I am here share some information with you. I am going to share an information with Africa because I believe that the next breakthrough is going to come out of Africa…..We are the largest comprehensive health care company in the world and one thing that …..”
An excerpt from the special session by Dr Ibrahim Badejo

At the end of the talk, Dr Ibrahim Badejo told the delegates and observers about the “Africa Innovation challenge 2.0” by the Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies. He encouraged delegates and observers to apply for the challenge.

Delegates proceeded upstairs to the gallery where lunch was served after the special session. The FAMSA experience of Day 4 was not only educating, but it also created a platform for delegates and observers to create long lasting relationships with one another. The FAMSA experience continues.