FIFA has been trying out some new rules at youth level which would seriously change the game as we currently know it. The new rules are:

  • 30-minute halves: The game is currently 90 minutes long, divided into two 45 minutes halves. This move would shorten the game to 60 minutes. Florentino Perez complained of how long football games are and he may just get his wish of shorter matches.
  • Endless substitutions: Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the allowed number of substitutions has been increased from three to five. This new rule could make it that all the players on the bench for a team can come in one at a time.
  • No Throw ins: A rather interesting rule, this would see throw ins replaced by kick ins.
  • Five Minute Suspensions: Another fascinating rule that would see players wait outside for five minutes after receiving a yellow card.

The rules have so far brought about mixed reactions from the public. FIFA will further evaluate the rules and if the vote goes through, the proposal would be sent to the International Football Association board (IFAB) who will have a final say on the matter.

By Ifeanyi Achife