We know that majority of Africans are very religious people, so it did not come to us as a surprise when Nigerian musician, Ice Prince disclosed that he has seen God before.

It even gladdens our hearts to know that some people, especially artistes still hold God in high esteem. While this might sound not too palatable to some ears, others do not even believe in the existence of a God.

The father of one, hit maker and free spirited down to earth songwriter bragged about his God recently and even urged us to talk to him more often!

Speaking with PM News in an exclusive interview this April, Super Cool Cats boss Ice Prince Zamani reveals he has seen Jesus and God and has even experienced them on a personal level.

That is such a great thing to experience right? get the full gist!!!

PM News: I’ve heard you said you are a Jesus boy before, so will you classify yourself as a spiritual person?

Ice Prince: “I love Jesus a lot, I love God, I know I’ve experienced him a lot on a personal level, I’ve seen Jesus, I’ve seen God, I believe that he’s my almighty, I believe he’s who I should worship. My conscience tells me that that’s my God, I’m a Jesus boy 100%’

“I might not go to church every Sunday or read the bible, but I talk to Jesus all the time and you should talk to him as well, make him your guy and your life will not be the same.”