The society I’ve found myself Nigeria;

blessed with abundant minerals

The side which is gifted with reigning colours

Calonised among the West African dudes.

Purely the riches of our fathers we’ve lost

Cos we reside them at the helm,

At their presence, the workers grovel,

Innocent kids cry for food and shelter

Which, indeed, is there in plenty.

I hope for a country, oh my country!

That will recognise the plights of a common man,

Where poverty will be beaten to stupor,

A place where kids will be fed and pleased

Be educated and enlightened into the affair of things.

I hope for a country,

Where love will be a prevailing factor

Towards the masses; the struggling crowd,

A country with a genuine practice of democracy,

Where the people will matter most.

Oh, I wish for a country,

Where individual persons will command respect,

A country that will be led by way of virtue

And not be ruled into destruction.