My body yearns to be let loose from its confines
My heart yearns to be free from behind bars of stormy clouds
She reaches out for rain
Rain and its cool aftermath.

My heart races anxiously
My mind goes into senescence pulling my heart on its thready
trail but there ! It snaps
She’s on fire ! she reaches out for rain.

Two separate worlds. Life from my spirit strives to perfuse the
barricade ,the other side is stony dull – my soul
She’s sucked into a whorl of emotions ,she reaches out for rain.

The sputum contains blood. My heart finally produces
an evidence of internal turmoil – an intense circuitry of accelerating
factors, dampening feelings, hyperactive neurons; she reaches out for rain.

My mind knows what she wants. my heart knows not.
Never full! She expands creating vacuum but nature abhors vacuum …
My heart is a salty spring, she reaches out for rain.

Awoyemi Omowunmi