Hi, Charles. Good evening. How do you feel this evening?

 I feel amazing.

Sounds great! We’d like you to tell us a little – or very much – about yourself.

I’m Charles Ofoma; my first name is actually Izuchukwu but I prefer Charles. I’m from Anambra state. I love JESUS. I’m a Jesus person. I’m a 200L MBBS student that loves studying to expand my horizon. I don’t play any sports, neither do I watch sports. I love cartoons and anime (there’s a difference between the two). I love creating meaningful connections with people. I’m a DC fan. I think that’s a little about myself.

*Smiles* This little is quite detailed.  Pardon my ignorance, but what is DC?

DC comics. Home of heroes – Batman, Superman etc. Definitely not Tony Stark and his merry band of employees.

Oh. Interesting! Someday, I hope I fully comprehend the difference between animes and cartoons. I feel animes are a branch of cartoons, though. It’s just a feeling, nothing deep. *Laughs*

Let’s not start. It will not end well…for you. I’m well versed in comicology.

*laughs* Backing off, sir. Sports apathy or dislike is natural for some people. Is your apathy towards sports a personal choice? What birthed your choice?

I just realized that it didn’t interest me anymore.

Could you give us a little insight about your family and what growing up was like for you?

I’m from a family of five: my mother, father, younger brother and younger sister. Growing up was a rollercoaster. My house is never quiet; there’s always something to talk about. And I love that we have an honest atmosphere in my house. Nobody keeps malice. I have a problem with you, we sort it out right there and then. Most times it is messy but it is honest, and it is a major influence on how I deal with people today.

My dad’s a business man, my mom helps him in his business and at home too. My childhood was a funny ride. Let me not get into all the details.

Aw. I can imagine the “messy but honest” part.This is really great. Not many people get to grow up in homes where plain honesty exists.

True. I’m always an advocate for open communication, especially in homes. It creates trust. Although most times I want to strangle my brother *laughs*, I know he has my back through thick and thin, and I have his too.

Must be nice to be a big brother. Apparently, you’re not the regular medical student. Why Medicine?

Medicine, because I want to be a medical psychiatrist. I love how the mind works and I’d love to partner with God in the field of Psychiatry to heal the mind of His people. I just love helping people through mental issues and pointing them to Jesus. I believe Medicine, and Medical Psychiatry in particular, is a channel through which I can do that.

This is actually lovely, for real. We’re sure you’ll do well in this great path you’ve chosen to tread.

Thank you.

Being a DE student, and with the whole virtual learning and stuff, how has adapting been for you?

Adapting hasn’t been easy, but I’m not stressed. The classes are challenging – the network, always buying data, assignments, and then getting information concerning lectures. Lateness in getting information makes getting information sometimes a burden. But all in all, it is all right. Progress is being made.

I like your confidence. The progress being made is what really counts. When you’re not jacking, or watching animes and cartoons, what do you do to unwind?

To unwind? I read, medical books being just a small percentage of what I read. I also watch more cartoons, or go out and form meaningful connections with people.

Medical students and books. What’s your favourite fashion item?

I guess a wrist watch, basically something on my wrist. I love watches. Anything that goes on the wrist is fine with me, too.

Which trendy fashion item do you not really vibe with?

Chains, durags, anything with the word “Ashluxe” or “Palm Angel” printed on it.

I thought Ashluxe was supposed to be a luxury brand. You’ll definitely not be a fan of these lemon Balenciaga clothes that are everywhere.

Definitely not. If I wear an original Ashluxe and 10 other guys wear the fake, then what’s the point?

I feel you. I’ll ask some “this or that” questions and we’re done. Money or fame?


Cats or dogs?

Cats – dogs play too much. I love both, but I would definitely pick cats.

You like your pet to be as serious as you are, niceeee.

*laughs* You know the vibes.

T-shirts or sweaters?

Biiiig sweaters, yes.

Puzzles or board games?

Board games, but definitely not chess. *chuckles*

Let me save my “why not?” for another day. Frozen yoghurt or ice cream?

Ice cream, please.

Singing or dancing?

I can’t choose one. I do both.

2k21 Talent Show just got spicier.

This is the point we release you to your books. Thank you for being available. Have a great evening.

It was a pleasure being here.