The cool wind blowing gently over you

Leaving cold relaxing touches along its way

Sitting on a tree branch like a monkey

Arms folded, knees crossed and backing the bark

With the birds seranding you with soft songs

Strolling out in the woods

Taking cover under its thick canopy

And at night if you may,

So you see the calming and glistening charm of the lake

Perhaps meditating on the peak of lofty grandeurs

Having yoga in the plains

Taking a leisure swim in the blue Pacific

Sprawled over the Savannah watching the night sky

Drinking a nice cup of tea with your legs massaged

Diverse ways of relaxing, diverse respite times!

Now reason…

The whales have to sleep with half a brain at a time

The big creatures can’t get too cosy, it’s sink or swim!

The Giraffes rest whilst standing

The flamingos only have it slightly better

Standing on one leg at a time during the night

Some others have to kneel to get rested

Not as comfortable as we would want

But ‘they ‘ know it is theirs to keep

As another hectic day looms

So don’t judge when I seek respite

Respite from tedious and hard days

Oh dear! Don’t think me a slacker or coward

For I do look forward to every new day

Giving my all, working to the bone

For I must say;  life is the only real part of me

I have faced many battles in life

Some won; I wish for once to adore my laurels

Some lost;  I wish for once to heal from them all

I wish to shed the otiose loads gathered along the way

I wish to sort out my emotions

Lest I spark and throw a fit at the slightest

I would like to do some ‘spring cleaning ‘now

Getting everything sorted out from within

Just wait for me here

For all I need now, is…

Just a moment of respite!