Without a Silver Spoon

I was born with no silver spoon, Or even a plate to call my own. Hardwork beckons on me to come soon. As I left my plate leaving my dog to feed on shrivelled bone. I was born with no silver spoon. But life continued serving penury on it grandiose plate. Yet I still strived from when Sun rose till when its sibling arrive; the moon. And my sweat, vast enough to fill a crate. I was born with no…

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The cool wind blowing gently over you Leaving cold relaxing touches along its way Sitting on a tree branch like a monkey Arms folded, knees crossed and backing the bark With the birds seranding you with soft songs Strolling out in the woods Taking cover under its thick canopy And at night if you may, So you see the calming and glistening charm of the lake Perhaps meditating on the peak of lofty grandeurs Having yoga in the plains Taking…

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I have a little green dressThat I rarely adress I’ve been told not to trust her Or take her too seriously Or feed her too furiously She is a little green lime That I change all the time I have a little green dress That I try to repress She has conquered and failed And she waxed and waned She has filled a lot of spaces And traveled a lot of places She’s a little green lime But you know…

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