Pre-script (or whatever is the opposite of Post-Script): To be honest, it would be lovely to send this piece to my mom and dad, and yours too. The goal is for them to see that something good can come out of “pressing phone too much.”

For the first time ever, I lost all my WhatsApp chats a few weeks ago. Being someone who has 80% of her social interactions on WhatsApp, it was a very harsh reality to accept. I’m that person that goes back randomly to reread my chats with particular people. Trainings I didn’t bother jotting in because I felt I could always go back to check out important things. Tell me about forwarding really relevant stuff to my sister’s DM! Like why didn’t I just back up my chats? Why did I not delete those apps? Why did I open the app at that moment? Why didn’t I declutter my phone to celebrate the new year?  “Heartbreak no do pass this” was how I felt for a couple of minutes. But I got up and moved on, yeah. (Madam, like you had another option.)

The first lesson I learnt is that memories live in the heart. True that we might need physical reminders from time to time. True we might want things to hold on to, with the subconscious thought that holding on to these things translates to never losing those memories ever. But then, all of these don’t really last forever. Pictures fade; favourite clothes wear; chats get cleared (apparently); people relocate. What will remain at the end of it all are the memories stored in the deep recesses of our hearts.

Another one I learnt is that moving on is easier when you accept your reality. Baby girl didn’t back up her chats so she knew everything was gone for good. After accepting “situations”, deal with them! Don’t wallow, it never pays. Another angle to this is that it’s easy for people to let go – of their dreams, their ambitions, their expectations, their goals – when they accept what they think is their reality. On this note, know what you want, hold it firmly and run with it.

A very profound one – that I’m still learning – is that procrastination will make you do one thing: NOTHING. Starring messages has its ups and downsss. You, yes you, stop starring messages all the time. Fill that form now. Check out that link already. Download that PDF. Go through the content of that masterclass now that you’ve opened WhatsApp. The people I’m talking to know themselves. Beyond online matters, there’s really no time like now. And perfect times are myths, sort of. The person who makes progress is the one who starts, not the one who thinks about starting.

Shoulder pads intact, sunglasses in place, eyes on the goal. Distractions here and there but I can’t be moved. WhatsApp chats still not backed up because backing up is for the weak. Till when next we meet, love and light.

Prosper Igozurike
Preclinical Press