I’ve always thought I had a thing for mathematics
Then I dreamt of being a nuclear physicist
Now am studying Medicine
Wondering if those dreams were just childish
Or that child was not just me

I’ve always wanted to cheat nature
I’ve always needed to steal time
Sometimes I ask if i should
Then again I wonder if I could

I was taught that education is the way out
I was told that success is precipitated by hardwork
Yet the world’s richest man is a dropout
And his software, a product of softwork

The difference between fantasies, dreams and ambitions
Fantasies makes us sleep
We see dreams in our sleep
But ambitions stop us from sleeping

Honesty is the best policy
Yet dishonest men rule the polity
Just like I chase God everyday
But always meet devil on every way

Arrogance, confidence and diffidence
Are all heirs to success
Arrogance thinks it his birthright
Confidence know he’ll get it if he tries
But diffidence thinks the price is just too high

They say money is the root of all evil
But rather than uproot it
Believers sow seeds with it
And faith leaders eagerly grow the trees