The importance of money to every Nigerian cannot be overemphasized. Money is not everything but it might just be able to get you almost everything. Money cannot get you an extra life but it can of course make your life much better. It is better to cry in a Bugatti than to cry in a motorcycle. Do not let anyone fooling you into thinking money is not important. The under listed are some of the pictorial representations of the reasons why you should make money as an average Nigerian.

1. Have you ever been side-lined because people think you have nothing to offer? The truth is that you were side-lined because you don’t have money not because you had nothing to offer.

2. If you are broke, you will believe almost anything you are told. If you lack money, you lack access to the right information. Get money, get the right information.

3. The importance of money is clearly depicted in the church settings. The rich and well to do automatically get to seat at the front rows in church. They get to lead many thanksgivings automatically. They are considered holy automatically. The tithes of the rich are placed in separate places in many churches. The rich are usually used as a role model to many other members of the church during the preaching by the church ministers. The importance of money is even obvious from the way the ushers treat you in many churches. If you are a poor man, the ushers will allow you pick your own seat anywhere in the church. But you as a poor man, you know deep down in your heart that you dare not seat at the front. As a poor man, even if you seat at the front mistakenly, when it is time for offering, what will you do? Yes, these things are not fair. But it is what it is.Please, get money. Do it the right way though.

4. In this era of zoom lectures, the importance of data cannot be overemphasized. Even the people that are into the data business are complaining bitterly that they don’t have data. Do you have that friend who always shares his hotspot with you with happiness and joy? Hold him tight, never let him go.

5. The normal reaction of every man whenever he sees his “babe” with another taller, more handsome or richer man is to be a little bit jealous. That is usually not the case when the competitor in question is penniless. No money, no honey. Let no one cunny you. Yes, love can be blind but the nose of some persons has a way of scenting the money on a rich man.

6. If you are broke on your birthday, it is either you don’t get birthday wishes from your loved ones, or the birthday wishes come a week later. It will be sounding like this” Happy belated birthday my brother, sorry it is coming late”. The truth is that if your money is long, you get your birthday wishes just shortly into your birthday.

7. Money even has a way of determining the kinds of schools that you go, and how fast you are likely to graduate as a student.

With the above points, I hope that I have been able to point out to you some of the importance of money and why you should try as much as possible to get some.

P.S. This articles should be taken with a pinch of salt. Even salt is now very expensive in Nigeria, you have no choice but to believe this article. If you do not have money, you cannot afford salt.LOL


Napoleon Tejiri