If you hear a song that makes you laugh and you don’t want to laugh anymore, you have really stopped listening to that song. No matter how many times you listen, it should never be enough.

Music is powerful and in one way or the other, we have all felt this power.

“We express our pain, power and progress through music whether we’re creating it or just appreciating it”- Jada Smith.

You put on headphones and they are singing your life with their words. They tell you what they are loyal to and it completely describes girls like you.

How would you know you want it that way when you meet someone who pulls you like magnets do? I’m talking about that unforgettable person who makes you feel like a dream. Music is the perfect way to say that’s just the way they make you feel.

Those days when you thought nothing ever will change and you felt young and stupid and wished there was a right way. You hear the pretty music, so happy and live and you start feeling like happiness is the truth.
Let’s not forget times of owambe. Parties where you might not even know a lot of people but you shake your body and think “ooh I love this song in particular”.

It might seem crazy what I’m ’bout to say, but there are songs that just make rainbows and waterfalls run through my mind. I mean, whether you’re dripping in finesse or pink, music has a way of making you feel like a starship. No wonder Prof Alfred Tamati said ” Sound is nutrient for the nervous system”.

Why does Mozart increase cognitive performance? Why does rock make babies laugh and blues make them cry? Why do Alzheimer’s patients remember songs years after they’ve forgotten their own names?

To an extent, we all know why; The rush of endorphins that melts your anxiety, eases your pain and persuades your body to move. You listen to Eyo and half of your heart is back at home. Music gets you dancing in the streets. It turns you into a rock star alone in your own room. Because when it comes to music, if you want it, you got it.

How else would a girl hear that she better watch out and still have a bit of Gods plan spelled out in there? How would she realize that she wasn’t made to fall in line?
The simple truth is that when it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year, music will be there for you like it’s been there before.