UI Revises Academic Calendar, Resumes Physical Classes

The University of Ibadan commenced physical classes on the 7th of June, 2021. These classes are to complement what was done during the period of virtual classes. According to the calendar, the weeks added to the semester are for revisions and finalization of continuous assessment.

Examinations are scheduled to begin from the 21st of June, 2021, starting with GES examinations. Noteworthy is the absence of the semester break, which sparked a plethora of reactions from UI students. While some were happy with the speed, a large number of students said the break was a need.

Akeju, Other SU Executives, Seek Dissolution of Their Administration

According to UCJ UI, the Akeju-led administration recently wrote the Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Keye Abiona, requesting the discharge of their administration.

The present Students’ Union executives have been in office for eighteen months, as opposed to the nine months that they signed up for.

Prof. Keye Abiona, while addressing student leaders at the departmental, faculty and hall of residence levels, acknowledged his receipt of this letter and stated that he had written the Vice Chancellor about that. He further added that within the next one to two weeks, the gate will be open for people to contest for positions in the Students’ Union.

World Blood Donor Day: The Nigeria Situation

World Blood Donor Day takes place on 14 June each year. The aim is to raise global awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products for transfusion and of the critical contribution voluntary, unpaid blood donors make to national health systems. – WHO

The slogan for this year is “Give blood, keep the world beating.” According to statistics, a majority of maternal deaths occur due to unavailability of compatible blood. Nigeria only gets donation of 27% of her total blood need in a year. What is common in Nigeria, instead, is commercialization of blood. Rather than donate, many Nigerians give blood for the purpose of remuneration. “Therefore, most of the donors that are classified as family replacement donors are actually paid commercial donors,” the official told PREMIUM TIMES in an interview on Friday.

In the university community, some organizations have taken it upon themselves to advocate for blood donation. Some of the are Nigerian Red Cross, UCH, and Hamstrings Club, UCH.

Prosper Igbozurike