Nigeria in the last few years, has become a killing field. This year alone, over six thousand people have been killed.

From dropping bombs in public places to the slaughtering of defenseless people in cold blood, the death toll in Nigeria has trumped most civil wars in history.

Regardless of how we choose to analyze this menace, it is pertinent to know we are just starting to see the devil itself, as those who have dedicated their lives to secure our land are now being hunted.

Only a week ago, 100 soldiers were massacred, and no fewer than 50 Policemen were reportedly ambushed and mowed few days after by bandits in Zamfara.

More disturbing is the fact that the police could not regroup and go back to the forest to rescue those who might have been injured and could still survive, due to lack of adequate weapons.

While there are those who still bask in the empty achievements of this administration, I would quickly remind them that this administration has failed in one of its fundamental obligations (which is the protection of its people).

But in the midst of all these, I have one ask of this administration, which is that they should honour our fallen warriors and see that their families are adequately compensated.

BY RAPHAEL ALPHA (Ralph Danielz)