Series of seasons ago. , the story was different
But ere we speak, things are no longer the same.

Twas the period of thirst and real hunger for love
That drove me to the depths of thoughts and myriad of worries
And I fain would have bowed my head, even licked the ground
For nothing but (mere) and (sheer) want of affection.

Each place, time and manner I sat,
It seemed I drew farther away from people
I went to and fro every fore wall trying to rid my mind of woes
But the more I did, the less any hope came by.

The world around me looked nasty and impenetrable
To the intent my burdened heart could not meditate
Cause I thought all of passion was lost and trace
But little did I realize the power to change lied within me.

Gradually as I began the path of sacrifice to tread
Humbly, Willingly, Carefully and Peacefully
I felt my whole essence of living come back to me.

So, if on this path thou doth still tread…
Thou can do as thou hath read
Even till the very end.

Written by Mary Eseyin.