The UIMSA elections are approaching and campaigns have begun. This week, UIMSA Press correspondents, Covenant Odedele and John Eriomala, spoke with Miss Eniola Akinnuoye, one of the aspirants for the presidential position. Enjoy!

UP: The name, Eniola, is not alien to UIMSAites, and has even become a sort of hymnal recitation for the past few days. Tell us, who is the woman behind the name?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Hymnal recitation? Interesting.

I am Eniola Racheal Akinnuoye, a 600L medical student at the University of Ibadan. I have interests in capacity building and volunteering services. I am a Christian, and I love watching movies.

UP: Flyers have gone round showing your ambition to serve in the capacity of the UIMSA President this session. Why do you want to contest for that position?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you for this question.

The reason for my ambition is my commitment to serving UIMSAites.

UP: And what particular aim would you champion?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Can you rephrase this question, please?

UP: Oh, alright. I mean, what is your campaign seeking to present? What exactly is your agenda for the Association?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you. My agenda is to unite UIMSAites by fostering a sense of identity and belonging to the Association.

UP: Alright. How do you define identity in this context?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much for this question. Identity in this context is an understanding of the similarity. That is recognizing that UIMSAites are persons of different interests but fostering the sense of similarities that we have in common, which defines us as an Association.

UP: Do you mean this was not achieved in the previous administration?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much for this question. I mean that this agenda is my strategy for leadership of the Association, if elected. As this might not have been the focus of previous administrations, it would be the focus of mine, if elected.

UP: What can you say about the Association’s involvement in the decisions the College make, and how they affect UIMSAites? I mean, is the Association involved at all?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much for this question. The College makes a lot of decisions and a number of them are made without our knowledge and or contributions. However, for decisions that would affect UIMSAites, a handful of them usually involve the Association’s leadership, but most times as a point of information and sometimes for contribution.

UP: Alright. Is there anything in your plans to address that?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much for this question. Yes, I have plans for representation and advocacy for the interests of UIMSAites, whenever the need arises.

UP: If you do emerge, what would be your achievements in the first six months of office?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much. My achievements in the first six months, if elected, would be achieving at least eighty per cent of the year plan of the Executive Council, as the tenure is likely to be a little lesser than a year.

UP: A little lesser than a year? How?

Eniola Akinnuoye: An executive council tenure is to end two months before the final exam of the most senior class, and following the present academic flowchart, this is likely to mean that the tenure yet to start in April should end by October/November, this year.

UP: Oh, wow. Is this written in the Constitution? And are you saying that your tenure, if elected, would end before your own final exams?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Yes it is written in the constitution. Yes, that would be the plan.

UP: During the last administration, pre-clinical students especially the 100 level students often complained about feeling left out of UIMSA. What do you intend to do about this if elected?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much for this question. I received this feedback during my interactions with members of the class. What I intend to do about it is to improve communication between the Executive council and the members of the Association in the 100 level class and the preclinical classes at large.

UP: Could you please specify how you intend to improve communication between both parties?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much. This would be further specified during the Press Night and Manifesto Night, as it requires going into details of some of my plans.

UP: Asides from the year plan, should UIMSAites be looking forward to any new programs or events? If you’re elected, that is.

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much. All events, new or old are what make up the year plan, and I don’t think I should let the cat out of the bag yet as regards new programs and events.

UP: For this session’s executive team, it seems females are more dominant. I mean, just four males showed up for one executive position, do you think that would make or mar the apathetic atmosphere in UIMSA?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much for this question. I do not think the gender of members of the Executive team has such influence, rather it is their competence in and delivery of service to UIMSAites that can make or mar this atmosphere in UIMSA.

UP: There are lots of propaganda going around about the presidential candidates. I heard the motion about allowing the 2K24 class to vote in the elections is an attempt to take advantage of their naivety in a time like this? What do you have to say about that?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much for this question. I do not see this as an attempt to take advantage of them in any way. They are registered UIMSAites whose constitutional rights are to be respected, regardless of their newness to the Association. I believe that their decisions are informed enough as they have been a part of this Association long enough to have been a part of the electioneering process.

UP: In a release by the Senate today, it was stated thus. “Consequently, the 2K24 Class would have a maximum of 10 elected Congress members.” What do you have to say to this too?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much. I think it is a laudable idea to ensure adequate representation for the class on the Congress floor.

UP: Some rumours also came about the presidential aspirants. Some said you both were involved in some ‘inappropriate’ channels for funding your campaigns. How would you like to react to that?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much for this question. I was not involved in any of such. And if anyone has such an allegation against me, I would be expecting such a person to come forward with the allegation and proof.

UP: Alright. Your opponent claimed you haven’t served in associations outside UIMSA. I mean, NIMSA, FAMSA and the likes. Does that mean you are not capable to serve as UIMSA’s next 001?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much. I do not believe this lack of service in these organisations makes one incapable to lead the Association. However, this is not true in my case as I have served on a NiMSA committee for two years.

UP: Oh, wow. I guess she’s not aware then. What previous leadership experiences do you have?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much for this question. In UIMSA I have served in elected leadership positions from 100 level as deputy majority leader, and as a Senator for the next two tenures. As a 400 level student, I served this Association as the Assistant General Secretary and in the last administration, I was the Vice President. My leadership experiences and skills have been made by UIMSA over the years, and I know I am fit to serve UIMSA.

UP: Elections are only in a few days. Are you so sure of winning?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much for this question. UIMSAites will decide however I am sure that I will not let down UIMSAites if elected.

UP: Should UIMSAites expect anything special from Eniola Akinnuoye before Saturday?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much for this question. UIMSAites should be expectant.

UP: Alright, they would. Any final words for UIMSAites?

Eniola Akinnuoye: I appreciate the opportunity over the years to be of service to UIMSAites and I appeal for another opportunity to serve you.

UP: Do you think holding Press Nights is an effective way of scrutinizing candidates?

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much. I think the Press night is effective in achieving her aims for the elections.

UP: Alright, Eniola. See you at the Press Night.

Eniola Akinnuoye: Thank you very much. I appreciate the service of the Press to UIMSAites.