More than 70 diseases can be overcome by increasing your body glutathione. Reduction in glutathione will increase the rate at which the cellular damage of body components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxide and heavy metals. Accelerated aging increase cellular inflammation, reduce mental focus and good vision, increase fatigue, leads to low sexual performance and libido. Increases toxicity, reduce the athletic performance, weakened immune system, increase vulnerability to more than 70 diseases.

The most powerful antioxidant is this Glutathione and it is produced by the body. It is a tripeptide molecule made up of three amino acids namely: Glutamate, cysteine and glycine.

The following ten ways can boost up the levels of glutathione in the body:

  1. Consumption of sulphur rich food: Sulphur is an important mineral that occurs naturally in some plants and protein foods. It is needed for the synthesis of glutathione. Sulphur is also found in methionine and cysteine. The dietary sources of sulphur are: fish, poultry, and beef. Vegetable such allium and cruciferous are also good sources of sulfur which is needed for the synthesis of glutathione.

  2. By increasing the consumption of vitamin C will go a long way to boost up the level of glutathione that mop up free radicals. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin which is found in the variety of foods particularly fruits and vegetables e.g strawberry, citrus, papaya, kiwis and bell peppers. Vitamin C functions includes working as an antioxidants to protect a cellular damage from oxidative stress also maintain the body supply of antioxidant. Vitamin C can independently increase numbers of glutathiones in the body. Vitamin C converts the oxidized glutathione to the active form.

  3. Addition of selenium rich foods to the diet: Selenium is an essential co-factor for the production of glutathione. The dietary sources of selenium are fish, organ meat, Brazil nut. The recommended dietary allowance for selenium in adults is 55mcg which is the minimum amount to maximize the production of glutathione.

  4. Boost up your glutathione level by eating food naturally rich in glutathione. Although human body produces glutathione but there are also dietary sources which are spinach, avocadoes, asparagus, okra.

  5. Taking whey protein supplements can also boost up the level of glutathione in the body. The production of body glutathione depend on certain amino acids such cysteine. Food rich in cysteine such as whey protein increases level of glutathione supply in the body.

  6. Consideration to Milk Thistle supplements are also another way to boost up a glutathione level naturally. This herbal supplement is extracted from milk thistle plant known as Silybum marianum. The active ingredient in this supplement is Silymarin which has an antioxidant properties.

  7. Tumeric Extract has also been found to be useful in boosting up the level of glutathione. Tumeric is a vibrant yellow orange herb and a popular spice in Indian Cuisine. The active ingredient in this herb is curcumin which is used to boost up the level of glutathione.

  8. Get enough sleep: A good night rest very crucial for overall health in order to reduce the oxidative stress by maintaining of increasing the glutathione level. Research has shown that cronic lack of sleep may decrease the glutathione level.

  9. Regular exercise has been found very useful in maintenance of glutathione level. Regular physical exercise specifically cardio and weight training may help increase glutathione levels. However, overtraining without a balance diet and proper rest can deplete your levels.

  10. Avoid taking much alcohol can prevent the reduction of glutathiones level in the body. Alcoholism decrease glutathione level throughout the body especially in the lung.